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Window Patching

A shape is die-cut out of the packaging and a think plastic film is applied to create a window for your products. Ideal across industries, window patching creates suspense for the products it holds.

  • Provides visual appeal to the products
  • Ideal for folding carton packaging


Give your customers a sneak peek of your products using window patching. A shape is die cut out of the front of your packaging and a thin plastic material is applied to create a window for your products. Commonly used across many different industries, consumers like to see what they're paying for, and window patching is simply the best way to show them.

Window Patching Film Material



Polypropylene is a low cost thermoplastic that features a highly glossy, crystal clear finish with good tensile strength.

Holographic Foil

Acetate Film

Treated with additives and solvents, cellulose acetate is a natural plastic that is processed to create reusable and sustainable plastic films.

Window Patching Film Thicknesses