Cardboard Box with Window Lid

Key Features

  • Boxes available in virtually any dimension to cater to all kinds of purposes.
  • Our cardboard boxes are designed using the latest machinery which ensures high quality.
  • The durable build of these boxes means that one doesn’t have to be too careful when handling the boxes.
  • This box is an overall great option to buy for presenting gifts on various occasions or to display a product in the market.
  • The sturdy design of these boxes make them extremely easy to carry around and to ship to other countries as well, without damaging the contents inside.
Price on Request


Designing cardboard box packaging is our specialty. At Pak Factory, we offer our clients with the best options when it comes to custom made cardboard box packaging options. We are highly trained in the structural design of our boxes and we are able to deliver the best quality in design no matter what your packaging needs, be it gift presentation or product placement we will have the design that suits your needs.

Whether you have a product that is as small as an earring, as large as a decorative ornament, or anything in between, Pak Factory is here to offer you a cardboard box with window lid to display your product. Our custom made boxes are available in virtually any dimension, to cater to all of our client’s demands.

Just because the custom Cardboard Box with Window Lid looks delicate does not mean that it is. Our products go through vigorous testing to ensure that the contents in them remain safe while shipping and transportation. We also go the extra mile to make sure that only the best quality cardboard is used in the manufacturing so that the box does not tear on its way to its destination.

Manufacturing Process

rigid wrap paper

Step 1

Specialty paper is wrapped and glued to the interior of the chipboard.

rigid wrap paper

Step 2

Specialty wrapping paper is printed on (if desired), then trimmed to the size of the box and glued to the exterior of the chipboard.

rigid wrap paper

Step 3

Excess specialty paper is folded into the box and glued for a seamless edge.

Available Add-ons

Accessories Add On

Plastic Handles

Made from plastic, these handles are added for sturdy and convenient carrying.

Accessories Add On

Leather Handles

Add a luxurious yet functional element to the box for convenient transporting.

Accessories Add On

Cotton handles

Turn your box into a luxury bag that s easy and beautiful to carry.

Accessories Add On

Ribbon handles

Add a gift-like feel to a high-end box and for easy convenient carrying.

Accessories Add On


Add a gift-like unboxing experience for every gift giving season.

Accessories Add On

Metal Lock

Create an unmatched unboxing experience that customers won’t want to throw away.

Accessories Add On

Exterior Locking

Provides a secure closure that adds to the unboxing experience and design.

Accessories Add On

Child Resistant

Provides a secure closure to products that are only fit for adults to open.