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Printed Pattern Gift Box

Printed Pattern Gift Box

Drawer Paper Boxes

Drawer Paper Boxes

Gold Foil Boxes with Lids


Key Features

  • These 2 piece box with lids are the perfect size for any promotional gifts or party favors.
  • The gold foil paper that is used in the manufacturing process is able to create a shiny, matte finish.
  • The elegant gold design can make any gift look great.
  • Each box is made of 100% retail-grade cardboard.
  • Sturdy build and secure lid makes it perfect for presenting gifts no matter what the event. It also keeps the contents of the box safe while shipping.
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Versatile Design

For a thoughtful gift, our gold foil packaging boxes with lids will certainly make your gift stand out from the rest. Our premium quality boxes are a great addition to any event, party or special occasion and is sure to put a smile on the lucky recipient. The elegant gold design also means that it can make any present look great. Being the perfect size for presenting party favors or handing out promotional gifts, they are great for packaging cookies, candies and other small trinkets as a thank you present for the attendees of a corporate event.

Full Customizable

You can finally project your brand in the best way possible. PakFactory offers to print your brand logo in full process color, affordably! So, you can make the most of your gift giving during the holiday season or throughout the year.

Our packaging is made out of cardboard materials that is wrapped in high quality gold paper, which makes it very attractive to look at. The inside of our gold foil box with lid is clean and white, and is made up of retail-grade, 100% recycled cardboard, while the outside of the box is wrapped in elegant gold paper. Apart from being used for gift items, these boxes can also be sued for storing jewelry and add tremendous value to your jewelry.

Save Time and Money

The foil packaging box and deluxe gold finish outside makes them the ideal "give away" boxes for businesses to use to package items for their customers, which is one of the reasons why these boxes are sold as give away boxes. Our boxes are shipped to using the best possible care to make sure they do not break during the transportation. The boxes are shipped flat and the best part about purchasing this premium quality product is that the sturdy build and secure lid means it can be used over and over again. So, why wait, order our premium quality gold foil boxes at wholesale rates and make big savings.