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Red Recovery Box with Handle

Red Recovery Box with Handle

Red Two-Piece Spa Box with Ribbon and Window

Red Two-Piece Spa Box with Ribbon and Window

Yellow Candle Carrier with Window


Key Features

  • Complete flexibility of controlling personalization elements
  • High quality paperboard material
  • Cost-effective yet exceptionally well-presented
  • Aesthetically appealing to the eye of customers
Price on Request

Set Yourself Apart

A well-designed package for the promotional goods sets you apart from the competition. It creates a unique identity that is hard to beat. This is precisely the reason why PakFactory ensures that your marketing program is strong. The logo, brilliant printing, and distinguishing colors on the box packages are all done after receiving your input.

Innovative Design and Appealing Window Cutting

The design of the yellow candle carrier is enthralling and extremely practical. We window cut the front portion so that the receiver gets a visual image of the beautiful promotional candles inside. This vivid packaging lures the consumers and creates a positive brand image. You may present these promotional with your logo to increase the visibility of your business.

Customized with your mentioned specifications, these candle boxes will make the perfect holiday gift or giveaway. Advertising your business with corporate gifts leaves an impression that is hard to forget! So place your orders now and package promotional gifts in a stylish way!