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Food Peeler Box

Food Peeler Box

Pink Sleeve with Gold Foil Logo

Pink Sleeve with Gold Foil Logo

Brown Organic Bar Box


Key Features

  • Ideal retail and e-commerce packaging boxes for handmade soap bars at competitive prices
  • Durable paperboard packaging to keep fragile and delicate products safe from damage
  • Customizable to fit the product requirements
  • Custom labeling and printing options avaliable
Price on Request

Make Your Unique Handmade Soap Stand Out from the Competition

Packaging is crucial to body care products as it makes quality products outperform the competition. Consumers want to buy products with secure packaging when ordering beauty products online. But, E- commerce consumer decisions are not just based on packaging strength primarily. Pak Factory manufactures sturdy handmade soap bar box for your products with an appealing design.

Efficient and Beautiful Packaging

Wrap up your products in this efficiently designed die cut boxes. Packaging for hand bar soap from PakFactory are embossed with a beautiful designed and elegant printing. Packaged meticulously in these boxes, your soaps will have the tendency to attract the attention of consumers more than before. Not only will you be able to promote your brand image, you will also be able to instill trustworthiness in the eyes of the consumers.