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CBD Gummy Packaging Pouch

A pocket of relaxation. Our CBD gummy packaging pouch keeps your treats ready to calm on the go.

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Vibrant color reproduction

Experience the pinnacle of vibrant color production through our premium paper and water-based inks.


Keep it fresh

Keep all your products fresh and long lasting with airtight seals and resealable features.


Fully recyclable and compostable

All our pouches can come fully recyclable and compostable to lower your carbon footprint.


Keep it fresh, and stay stylish

Ensuring the freshness of your products goes beyond merely using conventional and uninspired packaging. In the competitive landscape of cannabis products, the significance of eye-catching packaging cannot be understated—it can make all the difference in customers' purchasing decisions.

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Keep it fresh and long lasting

Envelop your products in a world of incomparable preservation, courtesy of our food-safe materials expertly customized with barrier films. Tailored to protect the color, texture, nutritional value, and flavor of your offerings, these specialized materials effectively prolong the shelf life of your products, guaranteeing their ultimate freshness for an extended period.

Made green, dispose green

Branding without limitations

Discover the boundless possibilities to unlock your brand's full potential with our unmatched box customization options. Set your imagination free and embark on a journey of creating tailor-made boxes that epitomize a level of personalization perfectly aligned with your distinctive brand identity.