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Cornstarch Compartment Take-Out Container with Sleeve

Elevate your to-go. Our eco-conscious container ensures your meal stays fresh, tasty, and planet-friendly.

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Biodegradable and compostable

Completely biodegradable and compostable for the most environmentally conscious disposal of food waste.


Grease and leak proof

Prevent messy leaks by choosing our extensive range of takeout containers, all with leak and grease proof material.


Certified food safe

All takeout containers are certified to meet food safety standards and designed to withstand high temperatures.


Take-out alternatives

Are you in search of diverse alternatives to elevate your restaurant's packaging game? Look no further as we offer an extensive selection that goes beyond the ordinary – encompassing not only cups and utensils but also a plethora of other innovative choices.

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Take-out Container Comparison







Leakproof icon yes icon no icon no
Microwave & Freezer Safe icon yes icon no icon yes
Soak & Leak Resistant icon yes icon yes icon no
Durable & Strong icon yes icon no icon no
Non-Stick Surface icon yes icon yes icon no
Withstand Moist Overtime icon yes icon no icon no
Biodegradable icon yes icon no icon yes

Available Sizes

conrnstarch take out box
3 Compartment Food Container
conrnstarch take out box
4 Compartment Food Container
conrnstarch take out box
5 Compartment Food Container
conrnstarch take out box
6 Compartment Food Container
conrstarch container

Leak-less meets oil-proof

Safeguard your culinary delights against any potential mishaps such as spills or unwanted absorption with the aid of our ingeniously crafted takeout containers. These containers stand as a testament to innovation, boasting dual attributes of being completely leak-proof and impervious to oils.

conrstarch container

Made entirely from plants

Elevate your complete takeout range to a realm of full sustainability by adopting containers crafted entirely from plant-based sources. Our cornstarch packaging stands as a testament to resilience, boasting heat resistance that ensures it can securely hold a wide array of food items, all while staying committed to environmental consciousness.