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Custom Printed Cotton Candy Bags

Looking for a way to keep your cotton candy fresh and fluffy for days? Look no further than our moisture-proof sealed bags!

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Vibrant color reproduction

Our bowls and cups use premium paper and soy-based inks to for vibrant color reproduction.


Food safe materials and options

Be ensured that all your food is packaged in certified food safe materials and inks.


Fully recyclable and compostable

All our food packaging is made to be fully recyclable and compostable to lower harmful wastes.


Creative food packaging

Looking for other types of creative food packaging to elevate your packaging game? Browse our recommended standard styles or visit our inspiration library to ignite your inner creativity. Invest into food packaging today to elevate your packaging game to compete in this day’s competitive retail landscape.

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custom food packaging

Beautified candy packaging experience

Beautify your candy and sweets by creating a powerful brand presence with custom candy packaging that stands out from your competitors. Unleash your creativity and design a unique packaging design by utilizing our extensive line of options and finishes.

custom food packaging

Food safe options

Ensure your candy products follow proper food regulations with certified food safe packaging. Our options ensure that your candy is well protected from toxic compounds that may be present in standard packaging by offering materials and coatings to prevent any contamination.