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Sugarcane Take-Out Container with Sleeve

Meal with a purpose. Our container ensures your food stays fresh while being kind to the environment.

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Biodegradable and compostable

Completely biodegradable and compostable for the most environmentally conscious disposal of food waste.


Grease and leak proof

Prevent messy leaks by choosing our extensive range of takeout containers, all with leak and grease proof material.


Certified food safe

All takeout containers are certified to meet food safety standards and designed to withstand high temperatures.


Take-out alternatives

Are you in search of diverse alternatives to elevate your restaurant's packaging game? Look no further as we offer an extensive selection that goes beyond the ordinary – encompassing not only cups and utensils but also a plethora of other innovative choices.

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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process


Raw material is blended and then mixed with water. Any non-fiber material is removed at this stage to create the pulp.

Manufacturing Process


The machine pulls pulp onto the molds of your products. The water is then removed by applying a vacuum to set the pulp in place on the mold.

Manufacturing Process


The pulp is pressed and dried by two heated halves of the mold. Dry press thermoforming the product in under 10 seconds.

Manufacturing Process


All complete dry press molded pulp inserts are inspected for quality control and then stacked on pallets ready for shipping.

Available Sizes

Sugarcane Take-Out Container
800ml Two Cells
Sugarcane Take-Out Container
1000ml Single Cell
Sugarcane Take-Out Container
1000ml Two Cells

Lid Options

Sugarcane Take-Out Container

Sugarcane Lid

Safe for microwave and freezer use, ideal for both warm and cold food

Sugarcane Take-Out Container

PP Lid

Partially clear and appropriate for both warm and cold food

Sugarcane Take-Out Container


Clear and freezer-safe, ideal for cold food

conrstarch container

Leak-less meets oil-proof

Protect your food from any unforeseen incidents, be it spills or undesirable absorption, with the assistance of our cleverly designed takeout containers. These containers serve as a shining example of innovation, proudly presenting a two-fold feature: complete leak-proofing and resistance against the infiltration of oils.

conrstarch container

Made entirely from plants

Lift your entire selection of takeout options to a level of absolute sustainability through the adoption of containers meticulously fashioned from entirely plant-derived origins. Our cornstarch packaging serves as a shining testament to its durability, proudly showcasing its heat resistance that guarantees the safe containment of a diverse array of food items.