Plastic Tray Inserts

Plastic Tray Inserts

Custom Plastic Trays & Blister Trays

Package your products with form-fitted plastic blister trays to keep your products secure and in place.

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Plastic trays are a lightweight but incredibly detailed insert due to the accurate molding process that takes the shape of your products, giving you the added security and stability you need when packaging your products. We carry a range of blister materials ranging from high-impact plastics to food-safe plastics to fulfill your various needs.

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Options & Materials

Personalize your blister inserts with our options and materials.

recycleable box material

Material contains a significant percentage of recycled material.

biodegradable box material

Materal can break down when exposed to light, air, and moisture.

compostable box material

Material can break down into natural components that can become a part of soil.

plastic free box material
Plastic Free

Material does not contain any petroleum-based plastics.

gsm paper measurement unit

Measurement for the density of the paper stock.

pt thickness paper stock measeurement unit

Measurement for the thickness of the paper stock.

corrugated flute grade

Fiberboard arches sandwiched between two linerboards.

Outstanding Form Fitting Secure Plastic Insert

Looking for a custom insert that’s completely personalized for your products? Create a custom blister packaging that is heat-resistant and is capable of being formed into any product you have. We also offer this as a cost-effective solution for food and medical purposes.

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High-Definition Mold

Our thermoformed plastic packaging can provide 360-degree protection for your products. Plastic film is heated to a high temperature where it becomes malleable and formed to your product or any shape you choose. Blister inserts are extremely light, which can save on shipping costs.

Food and Medical Grade

Plastic thermoformed trays are commonly used in the food and medical (pharma) packaging industries due to its non-porous properties and ability to be sterilized to a medically acceptable level. Plastic inserts can save you time in assembly and delivery costs for being lightweight easy stackability.

Elevated Experience

With the right combination of materials, print, finishing, and design, we aim to bring every packaging project to perfection, providing your customers with a satisfying, sophisticated, and professional unboxing experience they won’t ever forget. Get thermoformed inserts for an elevated unboxing!

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