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Auto Bottom Carrier

Key Features: 

  • This corrugated custom box has a bottom that is pre-glued and folds easily and seamlessly for easy storage and shipping.
  • Auto bottom is constructed with quality and reassurance in mind. All corrugated packaging boxes are high quality and reliable.
  • Extremely easy and quick installation and assembly, as well as simple restoration into flat-shape.
  • Top of the line custom printing and custom sizing on all auto bottom carriers.
  • Window patching, window cut outs, and other forms of customization also available for auto bottom carriers.
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

The bottom includes a pre-glued feature that ensures that assembly is quick, easy, and simple. Assembly can be completed by squeezing the box which will enable it to “pop” in to shape. The carrier handle creates a convenient and helpful packaging solution to many heavier and more difficult to package products.

The auto bottom carrier is ideal for heavier items that require a solid base structure and that can utilize the carrier handle. Items and products such as food items, beverages, and medical packaging, can all be safely packaged in the auto bottom carrier. Because the box is made of corrugated fiberboard, the food, liquid, and medical products will be free of damage and protection against outside elements.

All auto bottom carrier custom boxes are fully customizable. The dimensions of the auto bottom carrier is completely up to you and your product. Addition options and further customization is also available, including (but not limited to) window patching, window cutting, and more. Fully customize your auto bottom carrier for use of food, liquid, beverage, and medical equipment and products, and see the difference a custom PakFactory box can make.