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Book Style Rigid Boxes

Book style rigid boxes from PakFactory come with reinforced strapped lips that will keep items from slipping out. The term is a generally used for packages that come with a hinge between the base and the lid or a binder that makes use of the lid to keep the box closed. Mostly rectangular in shape it is ideal for those who are in search of display as well as productive packaging solutions for window displays and why these are often chosen over simpler box styles.

Book Style

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Quality Protection Packaging

Simply adding a hinged lid to a box does not make it worthy of being a top class packaging option. PakFactory’s book style rigid box packaging selection lets you choose between boxes that have a sturdy paper hinge, and are adorned with the print and pattern that you prefer. You can also browse through boxes that have a reinforced strip at the hinge lid so as to give the item inside extra protection. These are the book style rigid boxes that you should go for if you intend to carry the package around a lot. The added perk is that not only does the box protect the item from damage but it also looks brand new and ready to use, no matter how many times you have already used it.

Value for Your Money

It is important that you get everything that you pay for. Book style rigid boxes are designed keeping in mind the function of storage protection. But that does not stop us from crafting the final product according to the specifications that you provide us for everything from the finish to the exact measurements of the book style rigid box that will complement the size and shape of the contents inside.

Doubles for a Luxury Box

When you think about the design and all the possibilities that you can customize the book style rigid boxes you will find that it does come with a touch of opulence. You can have messaged printed on the inside of the lid cover, while the package is laid out in protective cushion that holds it in place.

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