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Corrugated Bottle Carrier

Key Features: 

  • Strong auto bottle provides maximum strength and retention of products, more so than other custom sized corrugated boxes.
  • Handle offers ease of transportation for sensitive or fragile items, especially for products that need to be kept up right.
  • Custom style of box that offers ideal packaging solution for bottles of all varieties. Promises sleek design and high structural integrity.
  • Top of the line custom printing and custom sizing on all corrugated bottle carriers.
  • Window patching, window cut outs, and other forms of customization also available for corrugated bottle carriers.
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

Are you seeking a well constructed custom box for your bottle product that promises top of the line production and printing? The corrugated bottle carrier custom box by PakFactory might be the box for you. The corrugated bottle carrier is ideal for longer, upright items. This includes but is not limited items such as wine bottles, certain lamps, beverages, liquid-based products, and more. However, you can utilize this style of carrier for a large variety of different products. The carrier handle adds convenience to products that may be difficult to transport without the handle.

This style of box features an auto bottom base, which includes a preglued tab that promises strength and resilience against breakage. Heavier products, such as bottle wine, will be packaged safely in this style of custom box, thanks to it’s high structural integrity. The handle at the top of the corrugated bottle carrier gives the customer ease of transportation, while also giving the packaging a sleek and cutting edge look. The handle offers functionality AND aesthetic value, promising nothing but the best for your product.

All of our corrugated bottle carriers are fully customizable in size and design. Specific dimensions will be created with ease, and all specification will come to life, thanks to PakFactory. Further customization, such as window patching, window cut outs, and more, all available on our custom corrugated bottle carrier.