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Eco & Sustainable

Go green with custom
eco-friendly packaging

  FSC® & SFI® Certified
  Paper-based, Plant-based, Waste-based
  100% Recyclable & Compostable

Find the perfect sustainable packaging solution

Browse and order a wide range of fully customisable eco-friendly packaging for your brand

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Choose sustainable options to make an impact

Utilize our wide range of eco-friendly alternatives to construct fully sustainable packaging and reduce your environmental impact.

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A greener, meaner eco-friendly packaging that speaks results.

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“Our brand had a mission to deliver 100% sustainable packaging to match our products, and PakFactory effortlessly helped us!”

Kristen Blue | CEO of Sonhab Chocolate
eco=friendly packaging

Reduction in your overall carbon footprint by lowering emissions.

eco=friendly packaging

Lower shipping cost from material reduction and other optimizations.

eco=friendly packaging

Increase in sales due to growing consumer demands.


Delivering a lower carbon
footprint at every stage

Our 360° Approach

Our 360° Approach

PakFactory's mission is to minimize the environmental impact and carbon footprint of packaging within supply chains by encouraging sustainable practices with innovative, convenient, and optimized packaging solutions tailored to your needs. Our goal is to contribute to a circular economy with sustainable solutions.


Switch to eco-friendly packaging
with an expert’s help

Let us help you optimize your supply chain and minimize the environmental impact of packaging with solutions that prioritize sustainability at every stage.

Biodegradable materials
Right-sized packaging

Cut down on unnecessary material while ensuring the safety of your products. This innovative approach reduces material usage and optimizes space to save on costs.

Effective minimal artwork design

Get minimal artwork designs that product results while lowering ink usage to ensure easier recyclability and breaking down at waste facilities.

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Renewable Energy Consumption

As part of our sustainability practices, we invest in RECs to neutralize the impact of our regular energy consumption in production.

Gang Run Printing

We practice efficient printing by consolidating our jobs to the minimum number of sheets required, minimizing our environmental impact.

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Optimized Route Planning

We plan our shipping routes carefully to minimize empty miles, reducing costs and environmental impact by opting for alternative shipping methods.

Packaging Aggregation

We consolidate all your components from multiple factories, saving you time, money and reducing emissions, making your shipment more efficient.

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Collapsible Packaging

Simplify your packaging process with collapsible packaging options. Easy assembly and non-toxic adhesives make it a convenient choice for hassle-free fulfillment.

Resealable Packaging

Encourage sustainable behavior in your customers by offering packaging that can be reused and resealed, reducing waste and benefiting the environment.

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reduce carbon footprint

Showcase your green movement with certified packaging

Ensure your packaging meets your sustainable goals with certified packaging that provide environmental and social benefits.

  •   FSC® Certified Packaging
  •   PEFC® Certified Packaging
  •   TÜV Austria OK Compost Home
  •   Printed with Soy Ink Certification
ECO friendly

Thanks to your orders, more than 13,439 trees have been planted.

As part of our commitment to the environment, PakFactory plants a tree for every order received. By doing so, we aim to offset our carbon footprint and help sustain the world's forests.

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Frequently asked questions

Are FSC® and other certifications available on all your products?

All our eco-friendly packaging can be certified for FSC® and compostable upon request. Please note that the FSC® and compostable certification only applies to paper/cardboard-based materials. Our folding cartons, corrugated, rigid, paper bags, and compostable mailers are some of the packaging that can be made from materials certified by FSC®. To be sure if your packaging can be certified, contact our product specialists for further assistance


What does FSC® stand for?

The Forest Stewardship Council is a nonprofit organization that creates and upholds responsible forest management principles. With many different countries part of the council, the goal is to guarantee responsibly produced wood and paper materials for consumers. Forest management encompasses water quality, forest cover, protecting old forest lands, and preventing hazardous chemicals from being used. Forest management also considers the wildlife and plants in the area and takes measures for protection to ensure your packaging solutions are responsibly sourced and produced.


Can packaging still be considered eco-friendly with additional finishes such as foil stamping?

Great question! Additional finishes, such as foil stamping, can lower the overall sustainability of your packaging as it could contain toxic chemicals when applying the finish. Generally speaking, your packaging is still entirely eco-friendly as it can still be recycled; however, to maximize sustainability, we advise sticking with FSC® materials as well as minimizing finishes that can be damaging to the environment.


I need eco-friendly custom packaging for my business. Will it be enough to keep my products safe?

Absolutely! Opting for eco-friendly packaging doesn't mean you have to compromise strength. With many years of innovation in sustainable packaging, there are now better packaging options for brands to choose from that are on par with regular packaging.


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