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Custom Kraft Boxes

The call to care for Mother Nature is louder than ever and companies are responding by using eco-product packaging. Customers answer the same call by shifting to products and packaging that are not harmful to the environment that's why companies are not afraid to use Eco-friendly packaging. As the top packaging company, PakFactory deems it necessary to help companies come up with eco-friendly kraft boxes packaging for their products

In addition to the environmental issues, companies are also looking to the latest trends and design. While they often take pride in the quality of their items, they are also very much aware that the industry is so cut-throat, and that the only way to effortlessly snag their target client's attention is through using kraft boxes.

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Kraft / Eco-friendly

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PakFactory Promises Quality Assurance in your boxes!

Some products are made of glass and crystal that's why it's very important that the kraft boxes are durable, strong, and have a high tensile strength without compromising the environment. The material used to create these wholesale kraft boxes are just as important as the design and that's what PakFactory brings to the table. PakFactory produces eco product packaging that can withstand the weight of the items it contains. There are also different ways to lay out or arrange the items inside the box because it has enough space.

Gifting with Kraft (Eco friendly) Boxes

Although these boxes were designed with heavy and fragile items in mind, they can also be used as boxes for gifts and tokens to be handed out during events and other special occasions by simply adding decorations and ribbons. Speaking of decorations, there are also various box designs that manufacturers or producers can choose from, so they can come up with a box that resonates with their brand and enhances the beauty of their products.While color and size dimensions add some spice to the box, additional design options such as foil printing, cut outs, window patching, debossing, and embossing can also be used to emphasize the brand's logo or tag line.

Why PakFactory?

Regardless of the design however, what matters most at the end of the day is that the kraft packaging boxes follow an eco friendly product packaging standard. Allow PakFactory to help you come up with a packaging idea that supports custom kraft boxes. They will follow your design and produce quality boxes at a price that's easy on the wallet. In addition to your packaging, we also provide environmentally friendly coating such as water-based aqueous coating to support your boxes.