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Custom Magnetic Boxes

PakFactory's Magnetic closure gift box is made out of durable greyboard material and what makes this structure special is that each fastens at the hinged lid making it easy to open and aesthetically minimalist. The lid is unique to this style along with the magnetic fastening (rather than inserts) that seals the retail or gift products. People who want to make a good impression on their customers typically opt for the magnetic box.


Set Descending Direction

24 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

24 Item(s)

Seal with Magnet

One of the interesting perks of having a magnet, velcro, and ribbon packaging box is that you get that extra surface to work with. When it comes to customizable packaging options, this is one aspect that is deemed valuable. The magnet boxes are taking ordinary rigid material to a whole new level.

Have a Special Message

The magnet closures are all about impact. These are a great selection if you are looking for something that could double as a gift box. This is because of the hinge surface; you don’t just get to decorate it with a pretty bow you can also have a special message foil stamped on it so that it shines out clearly.

Not Your Ordinary Package

Conventionally, the magnet, velcro, ribbon closure rigid boxes have been used extensively to store stationary products, medical equipment, and other biotech stuff. The magnet ideal for keeping the contents of the box intact. Therefore, if you plan on moving the box around a lot, the magnet closure boxes should be your first choice. Before you get disheartened, know that there are tons of choices for you in this category. You do not have to settle for a plain old box without any room for adding your own brand of personality to it.

We can go on and on about it but you don’t have to take our word for it; you can order a sample to check the quality of our boxes with magnetic closure yourself.