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Custom Shape Rigid Boxes

Custom shape rigid boxes is made from strong chipboard on the outside and the interior can be reinforced with foam and cardboard to keep delicate items safe from damage. These rectangular boxes are often collected by consumers due to their design and brand appeal and the fact that they can be re-used by their own customers. The result is a branded box that keeps advertising itself as long as it’s kept. This sets them apart from other packaging solutions which are mostly discarded after products are procured from them.

Custom Shape

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Set Descending Direction

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One of a Kind Custom Package

Custom shape rigid boxes are top quality, labor friendly and rigid packages. Unlike most other packaging options online, the boxes will be delivered to your ready to be used, instead of requiring careful attention to assemble before they can be used.

Carry Fragile Objects

All custom shape rigid boxes are designed to house and protect items like sensitive electronic gadgets, crystal objects, glassware, and any other fragile or delicate things that you might need to store in a box, or have delivered to someone else. To enhance the security of the cargo within the box and give you peace of mind that the contents of the package will remain safe, PakFactory has devised inserts crafted from soft foam and cardboard. These help hold the object in place as the box is carried around before it reaches its final destination. Even when it does, the custom shape rigid boxes serve as excellent covers for things that you just want protected when you are not using.

Fancy Yet Durable

The best thing about the custom shape rigid boxes is that even with all the flashy stamping, articulate embossment and what not, the packaging boxes look brand new for quite a long time. This way, they are good for recycling and to be reused for the same purpose as long as you desire. One of the most frustrating things about packaging is that, even when you find a custom option, or when you discover a rigid packaging box that looks stunning, it is never in the right size or shape. This is where PakFactory comes in. Every single detail about the box is designed according to your wishes. This really does do justice to the meaning of a one-of-a-kind package.

So what are you waiting for? Specify the details of the custom shape rigid box you want and order now!