Lift-off / Detachable Lid

Lift-off / Detachable Lid

Custom Lift-off Lid
Rigid Boxes

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Create remarkable liftoff boxes with zero effort

Skyrocket your product’s appeal

Skyrocket your product’s appeal

In order to attract your customers toward your product, it’s important that your lift-off two piece gift boxes are not only beautifully made, but also fits your product nicely. Having a two piece rigid box that is measured specifically for your product can maximize the protection of your items while showing that you take care of how you want your products to be presented.

Meticulously engineered box inserts

Top-notch customization

The best way to make your detachable lid two piece box stand out is with customizable options. We provide high-resolution printing quality and extra finishes like spot UV and window cut-outs for you to use.

Start your packaging journey

Our entire packaging solution gives you the full freedom of customizing your packaging to your desired result with the added support you need to succeed.

Shoulder neck packaging dseigns

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Custom-build your partial covers with unlimited options

Get the luxury of customizing your telescopic boxes with no limitations using our vast library of options.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum order quantity for your rigid boxes?

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for all rigid packaging is 500 units per size/design. See our list of all our MOQs by product, or contact us by phone or email.


Where is your packaging all produced from?

To deliver the best cost and time to our customers, all our packaging is produced by vetted, score-carded manufacturers across North America and East Asia. Please contact our product specialists by phone or email to get more detailed information.


What is your turnaround time?

Our current turnaround times are an estimated 10 - 20 business days depending on the packaging type, order size, and time of the year. For the most up-to-date turnaround times, we recommend contacting our product specialists so we can give you the most accurate time. Alternatively, you can check our turnaround time list for product-specific turnaround times.


How long does shipping take?

Due to the constant changes in shipping and the origin of your manufacturing, we cannot guarantee a general shipping time for our customers. To get a more accurate shipping time, please get in touch with our product specialists to provide you with an up-to-date estimation.


Can I order a sample of rigid packaging?

You most definitely can, and advise you to do so before any mass production order! We carry many sample types to fulfill different use cases and help guarantee results between different stages of your packaging journey! You can view all our sample types here.


If you want to order just a sample first, please get in touch with our product specialist by phone or email.


Can you provide me with a dieline?

Unfortunately, all dielines are provided to our customers when your order has been placed, and payment has been made due to the fact that all our dielines are custom made to your specifications.


Alternatively, you may receive a dieline when placing a sample order, which will be included in your sampling cost.


Have other questions for us?   Check out our other forms of contacting us!

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