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Shoulder Neck Rigid Boxes

PakFactory’s shoulder neck boxes are made from reinforced chip boars and are popular due to their rigidity and strength. The cover can be either friction locked or glued shut according to preferences which is one of the main reasons why it is preferred by customers. We design the shoulder lid deeper than the bottom of the box so that the lid remains shut making this style vastly different from others that are designed with inserts.

Shoulder & Neck

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Three Piece Rigid Boxes

Shoulder neck boxes have been the most popular styles around, opening and closing easily. The ‘shoulder’ in these is stuck by glue or simply has the cover friction-locked. Most times, the shoulder lid is designed deeper than the bottom part of the shoulder neck boxes. This is done so that the shoulder stops the bottom from pushing up into the lid.

Good for Carrying Around

Heavy items like candles, perfumes, etc go nicely with this style of box packaging. The shoulder neck rigid boxes are often times picked out to be used as a gift box that boasts of a luxurious look. These boxes are designed into a sturdy structure to ensure that the box packaging withstands the rigors of being carried around and still look brand new.

Inserts to Cushion the Contents

Some of the best material for shoulder neck rigid boxes inserts is EVA foam. You can find this at PakFactory as well. A tray crafted from this material is used to hold and protect the object that will be placed inside the shoulder neck rigid boxes. If you are opting for paperboard material as your insert then the final product would be wrapped around in fabrics like linen, satin, or velvet to get that one of a kind opulent packaging look. The depth of the insert varies as well.

Fully Customizable Options

There are other customizable options at PakFactory that can help you portray your brand on the forefront as an impressive one. The coat finish is another aspect of the shoulder neck rigid boxes that you can choose. You can have a sophisticated matte finish, or a sleek glossing one on top of your contact information stamped, embossed, or debossed on the box’s surface.