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Slide / Match Rigid Boxes

Slide / match rigid boxes are made from strong and quite rigid chip board and come with a slideable paper cover. These are ideal for those who want a single drawer boxing solution to store electronics, cosmetics and other single products that are easily breakable. Rectangular in shape, custom slipcase rigid boxes are preferred over others due to their strength and their looks which makes them stand out on shelves.

Slide / Match Box

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Set Descending Direction

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The Sleek Look

The slipcase rigid boxes are perfect for housing collections or series of the same thing. These can take any shape that you prefer, and look great. There are plenty of different styles of slipcase rigid boxes available at PakFactory. You can have them customized according to the exact requirements of what you need to store and the way you would like to show off a box with your logo on it.

Paper Box Presentation

The sliding rigid box can be used for a presentation box that houses upscale products. To make the usage more convenient, some of the slide matchbook rigid boxes come with a ribbon attachment so that you can easily pull out the drawer that holds the contents of the box. The slide matchbook rigid boxes that come with the exact structure of a match box allow for more coverage to print or emboss details about your business or relevant graphics.

The Drawer Boxes

The slip cover of the slide matchbook rigid boxes does not hide the drawer box inside; that part of the packaging gets just as much attention. The slip acts as a convenient way to reveal the elegant looking box inside and the contents cushioned inside that.

Fully Custom Options

If you think some of the slide matchbook rigid boxes in our category have a certain aspect that you would rather have another way, here is some good news for you: you can have the box that you order customized according to the exact requirements that you prefer.