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Partial Cover Rigid Boxes

Pak Factory’s rigid packaging boxes feature a detachable lid that locks with the aid of friction. Each features a cushion insert for extra reinforcement making these rectangular lid off boxes ideal for delicate products. As the name implies, the boxes can be customized to give partial exposure to the products inside which makes them suitable for those searching for display as well as packaging solutions.

Partial Cover

Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

4 Item(s)

Through the Window

Partial cover style may also refer to lid off, telescope, neck or shoulder styles, which is great to present your goods or gifts. The lids have transparent window options so that onlookers can view the contents of the box. This is one of the reasons why the partial cover rigid packaging boxes make for the most popular types of rigid boxes out there. The boxes can be modified for enough space that you need to hold items, so why not make use of PakFactory’s customizable options to make this a unique box for your brand.

Lid Off

PakFactory understands the need for a diverse range of packaging options, and that is where the Partial Cover Rigid Boxes come from. You get to decide how high or low you want the lid to end. Some people prefer a total cover to slip on the height of the box; others prefer a tiny lid that can easily come off. Whatever you chose the box is good for holding delicate objects.

Beauty Inside and Out

The partial cover rigid boxes does not just look good, it is made out of the best material sought out in the packaging industry. One of the benefits of using top grade materials in manufacturing is that, the product lasts. Wherever the partial cover rigid boxes with your business logo go, they are most likely going to be reused for a very long time. These partial cover rigid boxes are made into a sturdy structure that does not give in after one use.

You can carry the box and rest assured that the contents inside will not be damaged.

Order samples to see the quality first for your peace of mind. So order today!