Salmon Texture Hinged Box

Key Features

  • Durable greyboard premium quality box
  • Hinged design to open and close easily
  • Use for watches, cosmetics, and jewelry
Price on Request


The Salmon Texture Hinged Luxury Box is a luxurious box that exudes class due to its creative use of colors and design. Businesses wanting to associate their brand with class and sophistication will like the hinged design that opens to reveal an almost nude and hollow interior.

Overall, the box features a salmon texture that will attract people from a distance. The hinged lid also has a symbol engraved on top of it. If you’re selling high-end items such as watches and jewelry, you can put the box on display.

Designed using heavy duty grey board material, the box will not close, but remain open, until you close it manually. The items will stay secure inside the luxury box. You can place the box on top of each other without damaging the design of the box.

The items will remain protected inside the box. Your customers can safely keep the box inside their bags without worrying about the box sustaining dents. Since the box when opened remains open, you can easily show the items to customers wanting a closer look.

Manufacturing Process

Preparing the Interior

Preparing the Interior

Specialty paper (with or without custom print & finishes) is wrapped and glued to the interior of the chipboard. Any additional add-ons like magnets are added before applying the specialty paper to create a seamless finish.

Preparing the Exterior

Preparing the Exterior

After applying all interior finishes, the box is folded and formed to apply the exterior specialty paper (with or without custom print & finishes). Finally, the specialty paper is trimmed to the size of the box and glued to the exterior of the chipboard.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches are done to polish up any areas; for example, any excess specialty paper is folded into the box and glued for a seamless edge.

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