Custom Snacks Stand Up Pouches

Ideal for packaging loose products within the food industry, custom snack pouches feature a resealable top for convenient access to your product at any time without losing its freshness. Made from durable and 100% food safe material, these pouches protect your product from dust, oxygen, and moisture to improve shelf life and preserve nutritional value.

  • 100% food safe and recyclable material
  • resealable top
  • Ability to stand securely on shelves to maximize brand impact
Price on Request


Custom snack pouches are a great flexible packaging solution for your customers to consume and store your products in convenience with their resealable top. Featuring a low weight barrier material, these pouches protect your product from particles and oxygen during delivery or display on shelves, ensuring to extend your product's shelf life. With unlimited options in printing and finishings, custom snack pouches are a versatile way to showcase your branding to increase your shelf impact in store.