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Spring Rolls Packaging Boxes

Spring Rolls Packaging Boxes

Muffin Packaging Boxes

Muffin Packaging Boxes

Burger Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Sealed and secured design features to offer convenience
  • Offer a smart solution for burger packaging
  • Feature a strong bottom closure panel to offer extra reinforcement
  • Can be customized to suit your brand preferences
  • Variety of sizes and laminations available for burger packaging boxes
Price on Request

Sealed End Burger Packaging Boxes

To make sure that your food products are safe, protected and completely tamper proof for your peace of mind as well as your customers, you need to select the best packaging. Sealed end burger packaging boxes from Pak Factory have been designed using the best quality materials.

The printed burger packaging boxes can be loaded and then sealed shut to offer a tamper proof packaging solution. The go-to retail burger packaging boxes not only offer a cost effective option for packaging your products but can also be customized to suit your brand preferences.

Variety of Options to Choose from

At Pak Factory, we offer you a wide range of custom burger box packaging options to help you up your branding game. We completely understand the importance of packaging boxes in helping you showcase your products in the best light and delivering value to your customers. Featuring a design that opens from the top, our burger packaging boxes

Choosing us for your burger box packaging needs gives you the added advantage of being able to select from a variety of sizes, colors and coatings. Our premium quality boxes are sturdy and the designs we offer come at no additional cost.

Branding with a Difference!

In addition to their packaging benefits, custom printed burger box packaging offers a cost effective way of promoting your brand message, because of their durability and quality. From customized boxes to boxes in standard sizes, you will find an amazing variety of options for you to choose from.

This not only ensures that you will get the kind of burger packaging is not only visually appealing, but the kind that will also be functional and durable when it comes to the transportation and storage of your product.

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