For brands seeking an innovative and interesting way to stand out and create an amazing customer experience, packaging design is the right solution. 

With the right design and shape, brands can create a memorable experience and a great first impression for customers before seeing the product! 

Custom packaging design can accomplish so much in such a short time frame, and it’s clear that customers really appreciate the effort that goes into it. 

Example of packaging experience
Source: The Dieline

There are a lot of ways that customers benefit from packaging design, and here are just a few of those:

  1. Creating Demand

The design makes a huge difference in how your product is perceived, even before someone looks at the actual product. 

You can create demand just through your packaging design and entice customers to pick up the product and learn more about your brand and business. 

Custom packaging design is a way to hook customers in and encourage them to pick your product off the shelf versus someone else. 

With more and more emphasis on visual displays, packaging design is one of the best ways to create demand and sell more products.

Furthermore, building a strong brand reputation heavily plays into this concept too. 

Think of it this way; you may have a beautiful artwork design, but does it speak for your product and brand? Or does the artwork design have nothing to do with your branding?

Making sure your packaging design falls in line with your branding initiatives and narratives also pushes for more demand.

It sets your brand apart from the rest and allows for distinctive elements of your brand to be recognized, which helps with the launch of any new product lines. 

Create demand for your brand as a whole, not a single product

  1. Creating an Experience

Customers value experience just as much as the product itself. 

Packaging design allows you to curate the experience with more control and ensure that customers are surprised and delighted each time they open your product. 

Custom packaging allows your brand to express itself and create a connection with the customer from the very start. 

Consumers look to make authentic connections with brands, especially in the wake of the eco-conscious shopper. 

Creating more than just a product, but rather a full spectrum experience, allows your brand to make authentic connections with your target market. 

 Example of eco-friendly brand initiatives
Source: Behance

Furthermore, creating an unboxing experience that is unmatched by your competitors encourages your customers to share your brand and products on their social media channels!

Think about what you want customers to feel when they see your packaging and when they are opening the product. 

Use that as part of the packaging design process to create something extraordinary and unique to your brand. 

You can also incorporate your brand story, initiatives and why customers should care. This will help you craft a more meaningful experience tailored to not only your brand but to your target market too! 

  1. Enhancing Brand Association

Customers have started to pay increasing attention to a brand and what it stands for. 

Customers want to purchase from a brand they are familiar with, whose values they understand and share, and want to be associated with. 

Custom packaging design allows you to express more of these values and connect with customers in the best way possible.

 You can use your packaging to add to your narrative, give customers a reason to care about your product and add visual appeals with the brand guidelines.

As mentioned previously, make your brand memorable.

Brand association is the key to building a loyal customer base and communicating an array of brand initiatives with your customers.

Example of strong brand narrative
Source: The Dieline

It also allows your customers to spot any new product launches from a mile away!

The packaging gives you a chance to communicate with customers and create stronger brand associations, so take advantage of the opportunity!

  1. Highlighting Brand Initiatives

Your packaging is not just about looks but also about what it stands for. 

Using your custom packaging, you can communicate the values your brand is passionate about and what it does for others. 

For example, brand packaging that is made with the intention of pursuing sustainable initiatives can be highlighted and brought to the forefront of your packaging design to fall in line with eco-conscious shoppers.

You can use different materials, inks, and other elements to create packaging that is good for the environment and for your customers. 

Communicating this on the messaging of your packaging, will allow customers to identify more with your brand and support your initiatives as a business.

It delivers a great impression while also establishing a deeper connection with customers

Maintaining a very transparent and clear brand narrative helps customers understand and stay informed on your business on a more personal level. 

Furthermore, customers just really appreciate honesty when it comes to products and brands, so keep it real! 

Read more on Sustainable Packaging.

  1. Enhancing Seasonal Promotions

Packaging design can also be a fantastic way to communicate seasonal promotions, special deals, and other enticing offers. 

Think of the design as two elements that work together: visual design that attracts customers and informative design that keeps them hooked. 

Adding in how your product provides value can be incredibly beneficial in the overall packaging design.

Seasonal packaging can include unique designs, limited edition looks and products as well as information about the promotion so that customers are excited to purchase the product and support your brand! 

While every brand takes advantage of seasonal promotions, not every brand creates an experience for customers that sets their products apart for said promotions. 

Creating an experience, as you can tell, is a recurring theme in packaging design.

Creating interactive and engaging experience for customers is ultimately what will make your brand shine brighter than the rest! 

  1. Adding Value to a Product

Lastly, packaging design is part of the overall brand value.

The better the design, the more high-end and it looks, the more value customers will derive from it. 

You can make an impression right from the very start, by simply putting thought into your packaging design that will give it a serious edge! 

Look at competitors, what they do, and how you can stand out. 

Each time customers buy your product; they should feel confident about their purchase and the value it has for them. 

Premium packaging and design can contribute towards this value of your products and help you stand out from the rest of the market every time. 

example of premium packaging design
Source: Muzli

There are so many ways that customers benefit from packaging design that it is hard to pick just six! 

Packaging your product can do wonders for your brand and customer loyalty, so it’s crucial to give the design process your full time and attention. 

Think about what your brand stands for, what resonates with your customers, and what value you’re hoping to bring to customers. 

Using these different elements, you can work with packaging experts to create great packaging for products that customers will love and keep coming back for. 

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