Pharmakon Supernatural is a New York based company dedicated to the art of functional nature. 

The supernatural network includes a range of product lines including their herbal gummies HRBLS

They blend global herbalism with modern health science and unique, empowering approaches to reclaiming health. 

Founded by Rachelle Robinnett, Herbalist, educator, and life-long naturalist, Rachelle combines traditional medicine and current health insights to create innovative products and services. 

HRBLS features three unique formulas:

  • Everyday Endurance
  • Digestness
  • Nerve Less

Each product contains natural ingredients to support energy, brain health, digestion and stress relief. 

“I created these herbal gummies after years of working with clients, customers, and students—basing the formula on what I heard people needing, over and over again.” – Rachelle Robinnett, Founder of HRBLS by Pharmakon Supernatural

example of different herbal gummies
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There was no doubt that such a unique product needed eye-catching packaging to match. 

The Challenge

Rachelle reached out to PakFactory in March 2021 with a design in mind and in need of unique packaging solutions for her herbal gummies.

Michelle, a product specialist at PakFactory, was able to provide Rachelle with a range of packaging options to get a good idea of what exactly she wanted. 

After deciding on the structure, it was time to discuss design. 

Since Rachelle had already worked with a designer on the branding for HRBLS, the printing output became the focus of the design process. 

Michelle arranged for a high quality, offset printed sample featuring swatches of the HRBLS brand colors, so Rachelle and the designer could see how the printing affects the uncoated paper material they were hoping to use.

The Solution

Once the printing output was of satisfactory quality, Michelle arranged for samples of the final design to be evaluated. 

“In the sample stage we changed the box design quite a few times before we settled on a new design they liked. We did a sample after a lot of back and forth with their designer, and we had to do a few tweaks, but in the end, we found a structure that would fit their branding perfectly” – Michelle, Product Specialist at PakFactory

After working closely with Rachelle to find her ideal structural design, Michelle also worked closely with their designers to ensure the artwork placement could be accurately placed on the packaging dieline. 

The die cut placements required some tailoring in order to ensure the artwork was accurately represented on the packaging upon assembly. 

Source: PakFactory

After evaluation, Rachelle also found that the corners of the box weren’t staying in place when folded. 

“We came up with a solution and added double sided tape to the corners to hold them down” – Michelle, Product Specialist at PakFactory

The end result featured uncoated folding carton with a food safe coating on the interior to accommodate the herbal gummies. 

After a lot of  tweaks and team work, Rachelle and Michelle were ready to send HRBLS’ packaging to production. 

The Result

Upon receiving their first order, Rachelle and her team were very pleased with the results and found that their customers loved the packaging just as much as they did. 

The unique structural design paired with the eclectic and retro artwork accurately represented not only their product but their overall brand and resonated with their customers. 

Since launching HRBLS, Pharmakon Supernatural have experienced tremendous support and appreciation for their unique product. 

Source: PakFactory

Their first packaging run was such a success with their customers, that they have since reordered their packaging supply and are pleased with the consistent quality or service and results.

PakFactory and Pharmakon Supernatural continue to work closely together to create successful packaging solutions for the HRBLS product line.  


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