Semaine Health is a health and wellness company that aims to empower women by taking their pain more seriously. 

Lauren Lee-Crane and Catherine Lee, the co-founders of Semaine Health noticed that there was a lack of options available on the market to treat and alleviate period pains.

This inspired them to start Semaine Health which provides natural, plant-based products that have been carefully formulated, researched and tested thanks to their third co-founder Matt Crane.

“As women with endometriosis and years of period pain, we created Semaine to be the natural option we were all looking for”. – Lauren Lee-Crane and Catherine Lee, Co-founders of Semaine Health

Semaine Health launched their first product in 2019, establishing themselves as a start-up with a meaningful mission. 

The Challenge

With Semaine Health being a fresh eCommerce business, they knew it was vital for them to create distinguishable and reliable packaging to serve and empower their customers. 

Because of the eCommerce nature of their brand, the packaging is their first point of contact with customers, so it was important to get this right. 

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Lauren at Semaine Health reached out to PakFactory soon after the launch of their business with a need to craft high quality eCommerce packaging solutions for their products. 

Ken Lo, a product specialist at PakFactory, took time to get to know their brand as well as their missions and goals by working closely with Lauren at Semaine Health.

After several discussions it was concluded that they needed protective packaging in order to withstand long shipping journeys, while still providing an optimal surface for high quality printing so that they could communicate more effectively with their customers. 

The Solution? 

Corrugated Mailers! 

The Solution

Ken Lo started out by creating plain samples of corrugated mailer boxes for Semaine Health to rightsize with their products.

There was a lot of back and forth to get the sizing, structure and design just right. 

With the help of PakFactory’s design and logistics teams, Ken Lo was able to work closely with Semaine Health to iron out the details of everything from designs and samples to logistics and shipping of their final packaging solution. 

Source: PakFactory

“We are a new start-up and needed customized boxes manufactured. Ken walked us through every step of the way.” – Lauren Lee-Crane, CEO and Co-founder of Semaine Health

With the final corrugated structural design and sizing in place, Lauren at Semaine Health quickly realized they needed a box insert to display and hold their products in place during shipping. 

Semaine Health went through a range of different artwork design variations before approving the final design with their box insert in mind. 

PakFactory provided a production grade sample before going ahead placing a small run order for their packaging supply.

The Result

Their small run got so much positive feedback with their new packaging and product launch, that Semaine Health placed a large order of their packaging supply in 2020. 

The exterior of their packaging features a minimalist, two-tone design while the interior greets the eye with a pop of color through their creative box insert.  

Source: PakFactory

The unboxing experience gained a ton of recognition resulting in a more meaningful relationship with their customers.

“They received a lot of positive feedback about the packaging and that made them very happy”. – Ken Lo, Product Specialist at PakFactory 

With the help of their packaging supply, Semaine Health now had the opportunity to scale their business and introduce new products to their health and wellness line. 

Initially starting out with their PMS and Period support product, Semaine Health has now also launched their daily supplements to help women with their feminine health day in and day out. 

Source: PakFactory

PakFactory and Semaine Health continue to work together to ensure optimal quality, protection and support for their products. 

Ken at PakFactory was wonderful to work with! PakFactory’s customer service is so responsive and we were so happy with the finished product! I can’t recommend them enough! – Lauren Lee-Crane, CEO and Co-founder of Semaine Health


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