Recyclable cardboard materials have become a widespread alternative use for creating affordable creations. Gadgets are energy-dependent products that we use daily, and these unique projects made it possible that even products typically produced with metals can be made out of recyclable materials.

Check out these seven interesting gadgets reimagine when remade with cardboard.

Cardboard Laptop

Je Sung Park, a designer, has come up with a cardboard shell for the laptop. Surprisingly, it holds its own against the heat dissipated by the components inside as well as the wear and tears it receives from day to day use. Do you think the market will eventually go into the direction of producing these?

Google VR Glasses

It features a cardboard setup shaped precisely like a VR headset. The difference between this and other more expensive VR headsets is that it does not need to be paired with other devices. There is an iPhone inside, which, with the help of apps, delivers a 3D experience.

Google VR Glasses made out of cardboard.

Cardboard Digital Camera

This not made by any electronics or photography company, but by Swedish furniture retailer IKEA. It is fully functional, and holds the tag of ‘the world’s cheapest digital camera’. It runs on two AA-sized batteries, so it can work even in places where there is no electricity for charging.

Cardboard USB Drive

Art Lebedev, a design studio based in Moscow, has come up with its Flashkus range of pen drives that feature cardboard shells. They are ultra-thin and sold as a pack of four, with perforations so that you can tear each one off, use it and dispose of it later.

Cardboard Traditional Camera

This one features more than a cardboard shell – it is 100% made of cardboard. There is no lens. Instead, a pinhole ensures that whatever is exposed in front of it is captured on to film. The results are good enough to go on Instagram. Vintage cameras may no longer be serviceable, but this innovation ensures that vintage-style photography will live on.

Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

Considered as the first cardboard vacuum cleaner, Vax is in the process of trials for this product, hoping to create a demand in the market for eco-friendly & recyclable vacuum cleaners. Everyone is welcome to participate in their trials and have produced functioning ready vacuum cleaners for you to use.

Berlin Boombox

Nobody might own audio cassettes anymore, but this contraption, which looks very much like a boombox from the 1980s, syncs with your cellphone to play any music it might hold.

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