10 Cool DIY Packaging You Can Use When Selling Your Product

Cool DIY Packaging You Can Use When Selling Your Product

Why DIY Packaging?

Finding and producing useful and quality products to sell could be daunting, especially if your budget is tight or if you’re in the early stages of building your business. That is why it’s a great idea to utilize DIY packaging!

Apart from the myriad of things that you have to carefully plan and consider, you also need to find a way to set your business and your products apart from competitors.

To be a successful business owner, your priority is to make sure that your products are solving your buyers’ problems and addressing their pain points without ripping them off. Most importantly, you need to provide a satisfactory customer experience.

You need to think about how to make people remember your brand and how you can provide the ‘wow factor’ every time they unbox the products they bought from you.

With just the right amount of creativity and determination, you can come up with customized packaging designs that will make people want to come back to your shop and purchase more products.

Here is a list of excellent packaging that doesn’t have to be expensive!

Glittery Boxes for Jewelry and Accessories

Glitters can make ordinary boxes shiny and beautiful. This is on top of the list because the materials for this DIY packaging are accessible and cheap.

You can easily purchase ordinary boxes and glitters from department stores and begin the design process right away.

A handwritten or printed custom thank you note can also add a ‘personal touch’ to the purchase and will make your buyers feel that they are valued. You can even opt to match the colors of the glitters with the jewelry or accessory inside the box.

DIY custom packaging with gold colored glitter on the outside.

Wooden Frames with Transparent Covers

This online clothing store has come up with Mother Nature-inspired, wooden frames for their elegant shirts.

This packaging style is excellent for products that feature intricate designs or anything that deserves to be showcased. This includes items such as beauty and cosmetic products, jewelry sets, and chocolates.

The cost of the materials for this packaging design is not cheap, but premium products require premium packaging, right?

Custom wooden boxes for mens bespoke shirts.

Printed Pillow Boxes

DIY pillow boxes are perfect for soaps, jewelry, wedding souvenirs, treats, sunglasses or promotional items.

Protective inserts can also be added to ensure that the product won’t move around the box or get damaged.

If you’re not comfortable with designing the prints for the pillow boxes, there are DIY and crafting websites that provide layouts that you can print out.

DIY custom pillow boxes.

Boxes Pressed with Custom Stamps

If you’re a seller of handcrafted products, you can try DIY packaging that’s simple and yet creative.

Custom boxes with stamp prints can save you a lot of money and it’s also an excellent type of packaging for brands with a minimalistic approach.

Custom boxes with stamp prints.

Nature Boxes

Nature boxes are simple and cost-effective but they can always ‘wow’ people who love Mother Earth. If you decide to go for this DIY packaging style, you have to make sure that you pick the right type of leaves that don’t wither very quickly.

DIY nature boxes compliment organic soaps, supplements and beauty products, as well as personalized business tokens or event souvenirs.

Colorful Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are excellent for large or bulky products such as notebooks, shirts, books, gym clothes, and even automotive parts. This type of packaging is cost-effective, easy to customize and can provide enough protection for your products.

Adding personalized or well-designed stickers and labels can also level up your product packaging, even if you’re just using ordinary bubble mailers.

DIY colorful bubble mailers as an idea for custom packaging.

Boxes with Floral Prints and Gold Gilding

You can make elegant, rustic packaging out of ordinary boxes and gold gilding. If you’re an artist, doodling on the box is always an option, but high-quality printouts of flowers or anything that relates to the product can also do the trick.

There are lots of free patterns and floral designs you can download from the internet, but for branding purposes, it’s always recommended that you design your own artwork and reproduce it for your product packaging.

DIY custom floral print packaging.

Plain Boxes with Custom Stickers

Aside from the design aspect, stickers can be placed strategically to bind boxes together.

Stickers are affordable, easy to customize, and they have the capability to provide an extraordinary unboxing experience if designed and used correctly.

Custom plain boxes with DIY stickets.
photo: h. smith

Stamped Cotton Muslin Bags

Muslin bags are commonly used to package favors for events, such as weddings, birthdays, and baby showers. They are an excellent packaging choice for small products. This includes jewelry, handcrafted materials, cosmetics, soaps, or tea.

This type of packaging material has minimal impact on the environment, no chemical treatment and lightweight.

You can watch tutorials or read step-by-step guides to successfully create your own DIY muslin bags.

Custom muslin bags made from stamped cotton.
photo: chattypress

Burlaps with Customized Tags

A lot of people love burlaps because it has the ability to add a rustic feel to anything. Burlaps are eco-friendly, reusable, and easy to customize. If partnered with colorful jute strings or intricate laces, your burlap product packaging will surely stand out.

Many sellers will attempt to cut costs on the packaging, not realizing its benefits to branding and overall company reputation. With these DIY packaging tips, you can surely ‘wow’ your buyers without having to spend so much money.

DIY custom packaging topped with burlaps with customized tags.
photo: craftberry bush
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