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Classic Die Cut Boxes
The Interior Print
Printed Patterns
Go Digital
Custom Sleeves
Foil Stamping
Tissue Paper and Box Inserts
Stickers and Labels

Packaging is not merely a means to an end, but instead, a valuable opportunity to connect customers to your brand.

The trendiest and most social media shareable packaging has now become a focal point for advertising and marketing strategy.

Organizations are integrating unique and creative packaging into impactful digital marketing campaigns to increase brand recognition and exposure exponentially.

Designing and manufacturing creative packaging can improve your business; however, custom packaging can quickly become a costly investment.

Finding the balance between communicating your brand through packaging and managing your budget can be difficult – especially if you don’t know your options on the cost of packaging.

Here are some creative packaging design ideas that are sure to impress and, surprisingly, won’t break your budget!

Classic Die Cut Boxes

Don’t underestimate the power of the classic structures.

This is considered to be one of the most popular and most affordable packaging options.

This is one way you can quickly capture a customer’s interest

With a simple Reverse Tuck End, Straight Tuck End or Seal End structure, you can choose to add a special die-cut for a nominal cost.

It’s all about creating a design that matches the ethos and style of the brand without being over engineered.

example of die cut box
Source: PakFactory

Simplicity goes a long way, but only with the correct execution!

The Interior Print

For only an additional 5 – 10% to your production cost, you can include a custom printed design to your box interior.

With the growing popularity of online shopping, personalized interiors are a cost-effective strategy for a lasting impression.

Printed Patterns

There is nothing like a printed pattern to showcase a sleek and minimal brand design. Don’t be fooled by its luxurious appearance!

Printed patterns can be achieved with Offset or Digital printing with Full-Color CMYK. What does that mean?

No additional cost is required!

You don’t need PMS Color nor any special paper & ink to achieve this look.

You need to make sure your artwork executes well with your brand to make the patterns look impressionable.

Go Digital

Sara Shumpert Dunn, Managing Director of The Packaging School, suggests that we should “leverage digital printing to rapidly innovate our packaging and personalize it as consumer trends shift.”

This makes a lot of sense since digital printing typically costs less than offset printing, but digital provides a brighter future and trajectory for the printing & packaging industry.

But offset provides a better quality output, no?

John Kalkowski, Editor-in-Chief of Brand Packaging mentions that he recently saw “HP’s latest C500 Pagewide Digital Press for offset quality, large format postprint printing on corrugated…with a few only installed so far”.

This means that offset quality with our digital printing technologies is increasingly becoming easier, and we may no longer require the long process of lithographic printing in the future.

To save cost on your corrugated/e-commerce packaging, opting for digital is the way to go!

You’ll save tons of money (from setup and tooling in offset) and typically provides a faster turnaround time.

Custom Sleeves

Introducing a custom printed packaging sleeve is a smart and unique way to present your boxed product to customers.

This cost-efficient design can be used for any product and can be personalized to facilitate the brand experience.

A drawer or slider sleeve can highlight branding and unique design, in addition to heightening the unboxing experience, for a fraction of the price a complete custom box would cost.

Example of custom sleeves
Source: PakFactory

If your company is not only keen on being cost-efficient but being eco-friendly as well, then going with box sleeves is one way to hit two birds with one stone.

Because sleeves don’t compromise a box’s structural integrity, customers can reuse packaging, instead of throwing it away.

Are you selling food or perishable goods?

You can cut costs with custom sleeves because it would allow you to opt-out of additional paper or cardboard materials.

It costs less compared to a regular full-sized packaging but will enable you to be as creative as you want.

Foil Stamping

Not long ago, (hot) foil stamping was more expensive because of how labor-intensive the process was.

Today, most packaging and printing companies offer a variety of foil stamping options, making it cheaper than it was before.

Typically for high quantity orders, if you add additional options, such as foil stamping, spot UV, and embossing, the cost would only increase about 10-15% of your full production cost.

Example of foil stamping
Source: PakFactory

Therefore, you can create extra embellishments to your brand packaging to increase its value without having to pay a high price for it.

You can choose contemporary, modern, luxurious, striking, or patterned designs – whatever you deem fit for your product and brand.

Tissue Paper and Box Inserts

Whether you’ve chosen a fully customized box, or have opted for a standard box with printed logo design, adding customized interior elements to your packaging will create a fully branded experience for your customers.

Since tissue paper is made with thinner material, you can benefit tremendously with the low material cost. You could also benefit from a positive branding experience for your customers.

Adding an insert is also a creative way to extend an unboxing experience. Including a pre-printed thank you note to your package also costs very little. It also adds a nice personal touch to each package.

This personalized unboxing experience can leave a lasting impression on customers and influence future buying habits with your brand.

In addition, these cards can also be a great way to remind customers of your social media channels. You can also encourage them to share your product & packaging on their social media.

Inserts and tissue paper additions allow you to develop a fully branded and unique unboxing experience. This allows the option to avoid investing in more expensive designs.

Stickers and Labels

Stickers are a versatile way to put customized finishing touches on packaged goods. If you’ve added tissue to your package, make your logo the first thing customers see when they open your box.

Do this by securing the tissue paper with a custom sticker.

Like many other packaging items, sticker prices drop with higher print quantities. Cost depends on sheet or roll printing and size or shape.

Source: PakFactory

Create a custom look for less by adding stickers or your logo to the packaging interior or exterior.

This is a great way to save on printed box costs but still give customers unique brand experience.

The Wrap Up

Packaging has become a vital part of the product.

Never underestimate how powerful packaging design can be.

In today’s competitive market, custom packaging is a tool to shape how customers think, see and talk about your product.

It is also very beneficial for your brand in the future.

Use our cost-efficient custom design tips to uniquely package your products and create striking impressions that leave lasting brand experiences.

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