Key Features:

  • Straight line glued top
  • Does not have a top or bottom closure panel
  • Tray included that can hold a variety of products such as food, cosmetics etc.
  • Can be made into custom sized sleeve boxes
  • Quick and convenient boxing solution that enhance aesthetic appeal as well
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

When it comes to choosing innovative boxing solutions, no stone should be left unturned or overlooked. PakFactory made that search easier for you by releasing a line of next generation boxing and packaging solutions that other brands just cannot beat. The custom size sleeve boxes are just one of those attractive solutions that are suitable for products that require something extra for their packaging. These include toys, beauty products, food and cosmetics besides tissues. The open sides give interested buyers and browsers a good view of the products inside. Extra windows and slots can also be added for maximum exposure and to ensure a good fit.

This is the custom product sleeve boxes that you need to up the ante on your branding and make your business the talk of the town! Designed specifically to be a quick and convenient packaging solution that is quite popular in a number of industries and amidst several product manufacturers. In other words, box sleeves can prove to be a versatile packaging solution to promote brands and products in a way that will make your competitors pale in comparison.

To make an unforgettable impact we urge you to enhance your custom size sleeve boxes with a logo. Our designers have years of experience meeting a number of unique requirements so you will have nothing to worry about. A tuck top is also already available for convenience and additional sleeves can also be added on request. If you want your boxes printed with themes, fonts, images or any other graphics, PakFactory can accommodate. We are preferred because we never leave quality by the wayside, no matter how quickly you want your packaging delivered.

Our Ordering Process

Looking for custom packaging? Make it a breeze by following our four easy steps - soon you’ll be on your way to meeting all your packaging needs!

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Customize your packaging

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Customize your packaging

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Customize your packaging

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Customize your packaging

Production & shipping

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