Blind Barrels was founded by Bob DeMars who gathered whiskey novices and experts alike to create the ultimate whiskey tasting experience. 

This subscription box service showcases the best in hard-to-find-or-try craft distilleries and delivers a range of different flavors every quarter. 

“Blind whiskey tastings among friends soon included friends of friends, expanding as they fell in love with our tasting experience” – Bob DeMars, Founder of Blind Barrels. 

Example of blind barrels whiskey
Source: Blind Barrels

Whiskey holds the flavor of luxury, that’s why it was important to Bob to find packaging that truly reflected the entire tasting experience.  

The Challenge

Blind Barrels started their search for the perfect packaging supplier but quickly realized that finding the right fit was going to be a lengthy process. 

Bob and his team had a clear idea of what their vision of the perfect box would look like for Blind Barrels but found it extremely difficult to find a company that could accommodate their needs. 

We must have talked to over 20 vendors and we really thought some of the custom elements we wanted in our box would not be possible because these companies had told us such – Bob DeMar, Founder of Blind Barrels 

Bob DeMars was looking for a company that could create magnetic rigid boxes featuring gold foil stamping and custom foam inserts, but found they would likely have to utilize a variety of vendors in order to get the desired results. 

Example of gold foil stamping
Source: PakFactory

This would have cost Blind Barrels plenty of costs and time. 

We had many other packaging vendors fall short in pricing, quality, and timeline. I even have good friends in this industry who couldn’t provide what we needed and ended up costing triple or more with a high MOQ when they quoted us” – Bob DeMars, Founder of Blind Barrels

Luckily PakFactory was able to bring Bob’s search to an end. 

The Solution

Once Bob reached out to PakFactory, he was able to work closely with a dedicated product specialist who took the time to get to know his product, vision, and brand identity. 

After ordering a few samples and making a few cosmetic changes to their packaging, Bob was extremely impressed with the quality, time efficiency and cost effectiveness of PakFactory’s solutions and services. 

“Not one other company came close to providing both the quality in execution and viable price points. From materials used to customization capabilities (gold leaf, color litho, magnet closure, ribbon pull, and custom foam box inserts), PakFactory has exceeded all our company’s expectations” – Bob DeMars, Founder of Blind Barrels

The final solution featured luxurious rigid boxes with a gold foil stamped Blind Barrels logo and custom foam inserts to hold each bottle in place within the box. 

Example of final packaging design
Source: Blind Barrels

Rigid boxes arrive pre-assembled due to some of the manufacturing processes being done by hand. 

While corrugated boxes are an ideal solution for shipping, Blind barrels found that the assembly time for mailer boxes was sometimes a lengthy process.  

Blind Barrels decided to provide an additional layer of protection for shipping using mailers to ensure product and packaging integrity. 

“Corrugated boxes are a fine solution for many companies, but the time that goes into assembling them into mailable boxes can sometimes be an arduous step in the process. Since our boxes go into a mailer, having a box ready for our products to be inserted saves a myriad of hours when we are getting to ship our subscription boxes” – Bob DeMars, Founder of Blind Barrels. 

The Result

Since launching the packaging and whiskey subscription box service, Blind Barrels have received a rush of positive feedback about the packaging. 

With many of their customers reusing the boxes and sharing the experience with friends and family, Blind Barrels was able to reach a great level of customer satisfaction for their business. 

“As a subscription company, churn rate (what percentage of customers you lose in a given period) is vital. Our churn rate is a small fraction of our competitors and I think our packaging plays a major role in this. While our subscribers have been very happy with the experience and product we provide, there’s only one thing that has had 100% positive and consistent feedback: they absolutely love our packaging and presentation” – Bob DeMars, Founder of Blind Barrels 

PakFactory was able to bring Blind Barrels’ packaging vision to life in a time-efficient and cost effective way thanks to our global packaging supply chain and multi-packaging capabilities. 

Example of final packaging
Source: PakFactory

Blind Barrels is grateful to have a handful of experts on their start-up journey and is thrilled with the positive results from PakFactory’s solutions. 

“The experience our customers have with our brand has to be high quality, and PakFactory has turned that dream into a reality. Every product review from customers and journalists alike rave about the packaging presentation” – Bob DeMars, Founder of Blind Barrels 

Start-ups and small businesses often have a hard time obtaining packaging solutions that showcase their branding and meet their budgets. 

However, PakFactory has the capability to work with you and optimize budgets, designs and much more to meet your needs as a business. 

With all the growing pains and moving pieces in any start up, we’re thankful to have any of these worries removed from such a key element in our branding via our packaging.” – Bob DeMars, Founder of Blind Barrels

PakFactory and Blind Barrels keep close ties to continue optimizing their packaging solutions to meet goals and continue growing Blind Barrels as a business. 

PakFactory loves seeing our customers’ businesses grow! 


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