With a mission to preserve the beauty of natural skin Ammu Beauty has created small batches of hand crafted, organic skincare products in an effort to shed light on the clean beauty movement. 

Their goal is to encourage customers to get their skin to their healthiest state using nutritiously dense plant materials that ultimately alleviate blemishes and make your skin glow. 

Zareefa Arije, the founder of Ammu Beauty, started this brand to honor her mother and best friend. 

“I vividly remember waking up early Sunday mornings to the smell of warming sandalwood. The kitchen sink handles still sticky from the honey she used in her homemade masques. We had so many things in common, one being our fascination with clean beauty. I learned very early on that anything could be cured with the right food and herbs.”

Motivated by her mothers beauty and commitment to clean and organic products, Zareefa started her own organic skincare line inspired by Ammu’s very own formulas. 

Hand packaged in beautiful glass bottles, Ammu Beauty was now on the search for the perfect packaging that would elevate their branding, protect their products and make Zareefa’s mother proud. 

The Challenge

Ammu Beauty had worked with a range of different packaging companies in an effort to find the perfect fit for their handcrafted products. 

Unfortunately, they had little luck. 

Just when they thought they had found the perfect match, consistency in the quality of their packaging supply continuously began to falter. 

“We’ve worked with many packaging companies in the past and either the colors wouldn’t align or the quality would be compromised”

From mismatched brand colors to poor printing quality from one order to the next, Ammu Beauty’s brand reputation was on the line. 

Caught in an endless cycle of emails with a range of packaging companies, Ammu Beauty felt there was little understanding of their branding and goals. 

The missing element in their packaging success? 

A human touch. 

With temporary packaging solutions in place, Ammu Beauty knew they needed to work with a packaging specialist one-on-one to get the best results possible. 

A long term relationship with a packaging company was needed to ensure their packaging supply was consistently accurate to their branding. 

The Solution

Ammu Beauty reached out to PakFactory in an effort to find a product specialist they could work one-on-one with on their packaging. 

After working with a wide range of packaging companies, they already had a very clear vision of their ideal packaging solution and just needed someone to take on their project. 

“Working one-on-one with Michelle, [a product specialist at PakFactory], really made the process seamless and efficient. It is so important and valuable to us to have that human touch while going through this process.”

Michelle worked to a tight deadline and guided Ammu Beauty through a template and approval process to ensure their final design would be ready for production. 

Featuring a minimalist design, variations of taupe colors and spot UV printing, their design was quickly approved and sent off for production. 

Upon the arrival of their first order, Ammu Beauty was initially very pleased with the packaging solutions provided by PakFactory. 

However, there was one little hiccup. 

Luckily, Michelle was very easy to reach and pleased to get feedback on the order. 

“The team worked really quickly, from providing the template, to getting approvals, everything was so seamless.”

Some of the packaging had arrived with no spot UV printing. Although this did not affect the quality of the packaging, it was important to PakFactory to amend this issue as quickly as possible. 

PakFactory provided a batch of packaging to replace the boxes that were missing the spot UV printing with their next order. 

Ammu Beauty was very pleased with the final result and has since ordered more of their supply with PakFactory. 

The Result 

Ammu Beauty is in fact an e-commerce run business, making packaging the first interaction customers have with their products. 

It was important that their customers felt the care and attention put into the product as well as the overall experience of their branding. 

“We have received a generous amount of positive feedback on the packaging alone. So many of our customers still keep the mask in the box because ‘it looks too good to throw away’”

The warm taupe colors paired with minimalist designs elevated the value of these hand filled glass bottles by providing a high quality unboxing experience.

“For us, it set the standard so high that customers didn’t even know we hand make/fill each bottle!”

Ammu Beauty continues to receive positive feedback on their new and improved packaging solution.

While custom packaging was a big investment for an e-commerce business like Ammu Beauty, it’s safe to say the cost almost paid for itself with so many customers repurchasing and providing a lot of positive feedback. 

Opting for custom packaging solutions ultimately give brands the power to differentiate themselves from competitors and really establish a stronger relationship with their customers. 

This was definitely the case for Ammu Beauty and their organic skincare line and PakFactory looks forward to working with Ammu Beauty on their next order! 

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