Serena Sleep creates incredibly effective, industry-leading products designed to relieve sleep apnea. 

The mission at Serena Sleep is “to provide a legendary service experience. To be unquestionably the best and easiest company for our customers to work with”. 

With over 100 million people worldwide suffering from sleep apnea, Serena sleep delivers high-quality solutions at the lowest prices to make sleep apnea relief more accessible. 

Serena Sleep Tag Line
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Custom made for every customer to ensure optimal relief, Gary Maas at Serena Sleep knew that they needed packaging that could match the quality and experience of their products. 

The Challenge

Gary at Serena Sleep was referred to PakFactory by Corey Blackham, VP of Customer Experience at Klowen Braces

“Gary found the packaging made for Klowen Custom Braces was the quality he was looking for and wanted to create his own version for Serena Sleep” –  Ken Lo, Product Specialist at PakFactory

Gary reached out to PakFactory and started building a packaging strategy with Ken Lo to accommodate their products and deliver an exceptional experience. 

Serena Sleep was looking to package two different products in the same packaging. 

Serena Sleep Products
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However, the two products in question were slightly different in sizing making it challenging to package within the same box. 

The Solution

Ken Lo and Gary Maas worked together to determine the best solution for packaging two products that differ in size. 

Ultimately, Serena Sleep knew they wanted to package both products in a magnetic closure rigid box to complement the quality of their industry-leading product. 

With magnetic rigid boxes in mind, Ken Lo suggested PU foam inserts to hold both product sizes within one box for optimal support, protection, and product presentation. 

PU Foam inserts are incredibly shock absorbent and easily compressible for convenient storage, which was an optimal choice for Serena Sleep. 

Example of PU Foam Box Insert
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Gary decided to move forward with a sample of the final packaging design, including the foam box inserts to examine the quality and fit of the Serena Sleep products before moving forward with approval for a small run order production. 

The Result

Gary decided to start with a small run order to ensure their first launch was delivering the intended experience and quality. 

Serena Sleep was delighted to get positive feedback on their products and packaging allowing them to scale their product and ramp up their production order of the final packaging design. 

Since then Serena Sleep has gained a reputation for being an industry leader in sleep apnea relief products as they continue to develop and scale their brand. 

Serena Sleep Final Design
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PakFactory and Serena Sleep continue to work together to ensure consistent packaging results and optimal product presentation every time. 

PakFactory continues to scale its global packaging supply chain to ensure businesses like Serena Sleep can create an entire experience with ease using our multi-packaging capabilities! 


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