With a mission to promote a well balanced lifestyle while supplementing where needed,  Elaina Eckland, the founder of Drop Supplements, started her family run  business in 2016.  

Elaina started this business after noticing a gap in the market for all natural supplements. 

“We provide liquid supplements that are made with no artificial preservatives and are easy to take and taste delicious.”

Drop supplements promote a healthy and holistic lifestyle through adding supplements to balanced diets. 

Drop supplements products
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Drop Supplements started getting recognition for this unique product and Elaina quickly realized she needed to start thinking about how she was going to scale this family business. 

The Challenge

Initially, Drop Supplements was using bubble wrap as their primary packaging solution. 

However, they noticed that this packaging strategy was not strong enough, leaving them with damaged products and an unattractive brand presence.

Beyond their brand presence, processing took a significant amount of time with their previous packaging solution, leaving customers with long shipping times and the potential of damaged products. 

“Prior to having these boxes, we were using bubble wrap that was not as strong or attractive and took a much longer time to process for shipping”

Elaina knew she needed to scale the packaging strategy to provide a strong brand presence and ensure product integrity. 

However, custom packaging solutions seemed unattainable for a small family run business like Drop Supplements. 

Regardless, Elaina was determined to find a packaging supplier that could serve their purpose, budget and branding. 

drop supplements new packaging
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The Solution

Elaina came across PakFactory and was immediately intrigued by our services and products.

Because Drop Supplements is a small family run business using all natural ingredients, it was important to Elaina to optimize their packaging process for more efficiency while reflecting the quality of their brand. 

Drop Supplement and PakFactory worked closely together to find the perfect packaging solution for their supplement dropper bottles. 

Together, we determined that folding carton, tuck end boxes would be the perfect fit for their products. 

Tuck end boxes are shipped flat and easily stored for assembly and provide enough support to hold products with a little more weight. 

“These boxes have assisted us to increase our visibility with the customer and to streamline our shipping process”.

The folding carton material was a must for their products as it is eco-friendly, recyclable and provides an optimal surface for high quality printing. 

Drop Supplements already had a clear vision of their branding and artwork design, making the design process of this packaging solution extremely time efficient. 

After a couple of proofing stages to the design and examining samples, we were able to finalize the design and send it off for production. 

drop supplement folding carton boxes
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Beyond production, Drop Supplements order ran into minor shipping issues for their bulk order. 

However, our logistics team was able to alleviate any challenges by providing optimized solutions for shipping to ensure their order arrived on time for their launch.

The Result

Drop Supplement operates in both ecommerce and retail, making the packaging their customer’s first interaction with their products. 

It was important to have a strong shelf presence, while still providing adequate support to their products that were being shipped to customers. 

“These boxes have assisted us to increase our visibility with the customer and to streamline our shipping process.”

The design differentiates their products by pops of color added to their brand logo, allowing for an eye catching experience that reflects Drop Supplements’ brand personality. 

The pop of color paired with minimalist designs elevated the value of their products, and was definitely a huge upgrade from their bubble wrap solutions. 

“Retailers and customers absolutely love the look and feel of our boxes and it helps to increase sales” 

With their new packaging, Drop Supplements was not only able to measure an increase in sales, but also an increase in packaging productivity. 

The tuck end boxes are easily stored in their facilities for a convenient and time efficient packaging process. 

 “We were able to prepare our products quicker for delivery to customers as well as to retailers”.

While custom packaging was a big investment for a family business like Drop Supplements, it’s safe to say the cost almost paid for itself with customers and retailers wanting to restock on their products. 

Drop supplements packaging and product
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Opting for custom packaging solutions ultimately gave Drop Supplements the ability to differentiate themselves from competitors and really establish a stronger relationship with their customers. 

“We recommend using a high quality packaging product so that it matches the high quality of your products”. 

Since their new packaging launch, Drop Supplements and PakFactory continue to work together to optimize their packaging solutions and provide a consistent packaging supply and experience. 


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