It’s safe to say that the pandemic has changed us in many ways. 

We’ve seen eCommerce skyrocket in popularity, increased focus on packaging and deliveries, and greater pressure on supply chains. 

As brands and packaging suppliers contend with the increased demand, there are many aspects that businesses must balance to deliver a great customer experience. 

As the effects of the pandemic settle and consumer behavior shift, here are some key considerations to focus on for packaging success moving forward

  1. Online Shopping is Here to Stay

One of the most significant observations around the pandemic is the jump consumers made to online buying. 

Peak pandemic trends showed a massive 50% jump in online shopping, and its enduring popularity shows that customers aren’t going anywhere. 

Post pandemic, businesses need to continue investing in eCommerce operations and the convenience it affords customers. 

That also means that product packaging needs to include more engaging graphic elements while taking online marketplaces into consideration when designing packaging.

Source: PakFactory

It will be more common to print on corrugated packaging solutions to express brand personality and showcase dedication to sustainability through e-commerce packaging solutions

  1. Demand for Standardized Packaging

As businesses expand markets and enter new countries, there is a greater need for standardization across packaging. 

Retail packaging needs to consider the market it’s currently in and future markets. 

Creating standardized packaging helps reduce cost and create consistency in branding efforts, thereby creating more trust with consumers.

That’s why we can expect to see more suppliers that are focused on customized solutions start to standardize packaging for businesses that they have worked with closely. 

  1. Packaging Innovation

Post pandemic, businesses also need to consider whether their current packaging fits consumer expectations and shifting consumer behavior. 

We’ve seen a massive shift in how people interact with products and packaging and a greater need for functional packaging. 

Source: PakFactory

Stay-at-home consumption will likely continue to stay, and brands need to consider that as they innovate new packaging for their business. 

Working with a product packaging company can help mitigate these issues and ensure that the product packaging fits consumer expectations.

  1. Bold Branding

As the marketplace is more crowded and consumers have more options – how can brands stand out? 

That’s a significant consideration large and small brands are taking into account, and one of the areas they are focusing on to differentiate is through very bold and clear branding. 

Product packaging is one of the main routes to communicate a strong brand narrative for customer retention, and companies will be looking to add more creativity and flair to retail packaging design. . 

  1. Increased Sustainability

The increased consumption during the pandemic has brought out another shift in consumer behavior: Greater scrutiny on sustainability

In addition, customers have placed a lot of responsibility on businesses, demanding more sustainability in product packaging and general operations. 

As a result, post-pandemic, companies will need to consider their responsibility in sustainability more seriously moving forward and continue to innovate in this realm of packaging solutions.

It’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing more innovation in sustainable solutions optimized for convenience and new business models. 

  1. Embracing The Unknown in Consumer Behavior 

The biggest consideration that businesses must deal with is that there is no predicting the future at this point. 

The post-pandemic world is still filled with unknowns, and consumer behavior is still not showing consistent trends. 

Therefore, businesses must work to fortify supply chains and continue to innovate product packaging in a modular, flexible way. 

Working with an expert product packaging company can help with optimizing your product packaging quickly and efficiently. 

Being able to adapt packaging and products to ever changing consumer behaviors will be the key to keeping up with demand. 

It’s best to keep close ties with your packaging suppliers in order to make quick and efficient changes to your packaging with ease. 


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