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Custom E-commerce Packaging & Boxes

Level up your e-commerce business and wow your customers with beautifully designed custom e-commerce boxes. Our box solutions are crafted to your needs.

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E-commerce packaging is very versatile and involves many shipping and mailer boxes! There are many uses for e-commerce packaging boxes, whether it be used as custom subscription box packaging or custom printed shipping boxes. We provide a great selection of subscription box packaging ideas and personalised mailer boxes that you can get inspiration from. Every product we create is made with durability and structural integrity in mind.

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Options & Materials

Personalize your e-commerce boxes with our options and materials

gloss lamination box finish
Gloss Lamination

Thin plastic film that gives the box surface a glossy surface.

matte lamination box finish
Matte Lamination

Thin plastic film that gives the box surface a matte surface.

soft touch lamination box finish
Soft Touch Lamination

Thin plastic film providing a smooth touch and velvety surface.

aq coating box finish
AQ Coating

Water-based coating that creates a soft semi-gloss surface.

uv coating box finish
UV Coating

UV-cured ink allowing for spot and flood applications.

varnish box finish

Inexpensive option that coats and adds surface protection.

metallic coating box finish
Metallic Coating

Add an extra metallic sheen to your box surface.

pearlescent coating box finish
Pearlescent Coating

Give your surface extra decorative shimmer and shine.

soft touch coating box finish
Soft Touch Coating

Ink coating that produces smooth surface. Cheaper alternative to lamination.

food grade coating box finish
Food Grade Coating

Ink coating that protects the interior of the box for food-safe applications.

offset lithography box print option
Offset / Lithography

Ideal for printing in finer details with access to more options and finishes.

flexography box print option
Flexo Print

Economical option with faster turnaround, ideal for printing higher volumes.

digital box print option
Digital Print

Low volume printing option with relatively low set-up costs.

pantone box print option

Standardized color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.

pantone metallic box print option
Pantone Metallic

Standardized metallic color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.

foil stamping special box finish
Foil Stamping

Heat transferred foil onto paper surface.

spot uv special box finish
Spot UV / Spot Gloss

UV gloss coating cured on specific areas.

embossing and debossing special box finish
Embossing / Debossing

Special process that creates a raised or recessed pattern on the surface.

window patching special box finish
Window Patching

Special technique with a transparent plastic film covering the cut-out.

window cut-out special box finish
Window Cut-Out

Special process where a cut-out is created on the packaging surface.

sbs (c1s) material

White paperboard coated on 1 side.

sbs (c2s) material

White paperboard coated on both sides.

sbs uncoated material
SBS (Uncoated)

Matte white paperboard uncoated.

kraft paper material
Kraft Paper

Durable paperboard made of virgin pulp fibers.

art paper material
Art Paper

Color dyed paper suitable for all printing and finishes.

ccnb duplex board material
CCNB (Duplex Board)

Recycled paperboard option with semi-gloss white clay coating.

metallic paperboard material
Metallic Paperboard

Paperboard treated with a varying metallic finish.

textured paper material
Textured Paperboard

Paperboard treated with different textured finishes.

bleached corrugated material
Bleached Corrugated

Uncoated white surface and fluting.

kraft corrugated material
Kraft Corrugated

Uncoated natural kraft surface and fluting.

single face corrugated
Single Face

One corrugated fiberboard is glued to one flat sheet of the linerboard.

single wall corrugated
Single Wall

The corrugated fiberboard is glued between two sheets of linerboard.

double wall corrugated
Double Wall

Three sheets of linerboard with two corrugated fiberboards in between.

triple wall corrugated
Triple Wall

Four sheets of linerboard with three corrugated fiberboards in between.

a flute corrugated

Greatest protection with excellent stacking strength.

b-flute corrugated

Surface allows for high-quality printing and die-cutting.

c-flute corrugated

Average crush resistance, stacking strength and printing.

e-flute corrugated

Relatively flat surface allows for high-quality printing applications.

f-flute corrugated

For specialty packaging, POP displays, as well as small retail packaging.

chipboard grey board material
Chipboard & Grey Board

Thick paper-based material primarily used for rigid boxes.

Strong and Durable E-commerce Boxes

With the ever increasing popularity of online shopping many e-commerce businesses are on the rise. Because of this, many customers who order products online hope that their package will be delivered to them in pristine condition. Knowing that during shipping and handling, your products may get damaged, PakFactory has gone ahead to ensure you get the strongest and most resilient e-commerce boxes out there to ensure your customers are happy when they receive your products in great condition.

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Made for Any Product

The best part about e-commerce packaging is that they are widely used in multiple industries. Our boxes can hold anything, from skincare monthly boxes to monthly book boxes and cd mailer packaging, the possibilities are endless.

Quality Results

We provide our customers with cost-effective options for boxes, especially for wholesale custom e-commerce boxes. Even with the affordable price, we always strive to produce premium quality e-commerce boxes that your products deserve.

Professional Samples

Planning to buy a large number of empty subscription boxes and personalized mailers boxes? We recommend getting a prototype to determine if you need to revise any issues for your artwork before mass production.

Custom Poly Mailer Bags

We have printed poly mailer bags as packaging options if you’re not interested in printed e-commerce boxes. We have bag packaging such as recyclable poly mailers, and poly mailer shipping envelope bags.

Fully Custom Sizes

Shipping small items? Looking for larger options? Don’t worry, we offer a vast selection of custom sized e-commerce boxes that can protect any product of any size throughout your entire delivery process.

Stickers and Labels

Stickers and labels are great options for sealing your colored e-commerce boxes and monthly boxes while exposing a bit of your brand. We can help you make custom stickers in any shape and color you like.

Dedicated Support From Packaging Specialists

Tailored one-on-one consultation from ideation to production with a dedicated product specialist to help you get through initial design to delivery without any hassle. Our mission is to provide you and your customer the best unboxing experience!

Packaging made easy.

Over 5000+ companies trust PakFactory as their choice for custom packaging and packaging services. Whether you are looking for a custom packaging manufacturer or for professional design services, we help solve it all!

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