It may not seem like it now, but the holiday season is fast approaching! As we all know, holidays can potentially give your business a massive uptick in sales, so it’s best not to leave your packaging orders to the last minute!

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At PakFactory, we know the rush of the holidays and are happy to provide you with a clear resource for important dates and deadlines to ensure your custom packaging is ready in time.

When Should You Order?

As a general rule, holiday packaging should be purchased six weeks in advance to account for possible delays and leave enough time for distribution. But the earlier you order, the better!

Below, we’ve outlined some important deadlines to keep in mind if you wish to receive your custom packaging order on time:

Ordering deadlines for standard and rush orders for holiday packaging

Plan for Production & Shipping

With the above list, you have a clear idea of when the deadline for placing your holiday packaging orders is, but we feel it’s essential to know why you should do so and why the sooner you order, the better!

Due to the rise in demand during the holiday season, shipping and costs become even more unpredictable. Knowing the production and shipping times gives you more knowledge to plan around the holiday season and ensure no unwanted surprises.

To give you a clear idea of what to expect, we’ve outlined below the production & shipping times for various packaging options. We highly recommend the folding carton and corrugated options for holiday packaging since they’re the most efficient in cost and time.

Production Time (after CTP is approved, in business days)

Folding Carton: 20 – 25 days

Corrugated:  20 – 25 days

Rigid: 20 – 35 days

Countertop Displays: 10 – 12 days

Floor Displays: 15 – 20 days

Labels & Stickers: 10 days

Paper Shopping Bags: 25 – 35 days

Reusable Bags: 25 – 35 days

Mailer Shipping Bags/Bubble Mailers: 12 – 15 days

Custom Pouches: 28 – 30 days (roto print) / 10 – 12 days (digital print)

Foam Inserts: 20 days

Molded Pulp Inserts: 10 days (existing mold) / 2 months (new mold)

Tin Boxes: 30 – 35 days

Shipping Time

After production, please also note that your holiday packaging needs time to ship! Depending on how much time you have left until the holidays, more options are possible, which is why we emphasized getting all your packaging done as soon as possible to meet any holiday shipping deadlines!

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Please keep in mind both production and shipping time for optimal planning. Options available for shipping include:

  1. Express Air Shipping (5 – 7 days) – The fastest but most expensive method recommended if you are on a time crunch. We use DHL as a shipping partner for fast customs clearance and legal compliance.
  1. Standard Air Shipping (12 – 18 days) – Reliable and relatively fast. Slightly more cost-effective than express air.
  1. Express Sea Shipping (30 – 40 days) – Time-consuming but highly cost-effective and reliable if appropriately planned. Great for large orders and early planners to ensure no shipping delays during the peak holiday season.
  1. Standard Sea Shipping (40 – 50 days) – The most time-consuming. Similar to express sea shipping, but even more cost-effective.
  1. Ground – All the shipping methods above include ground transport. Though your primary shipping method may vary, ground vehicles are still required to get your holiday packaging from the port to you!

Why Do You Need Holiday Packaging?

The holidays are a busy time of the year. For many businesses, holidays mark a massive boost in sales, which is reason enough to consider themed holiday packaging for your products.

Consumers love convenience and gift-like packaging, so why not embrace both? Whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day, featuring a package that already looks like a specialized holiday gift adds excellent value to your product and your brand!

But how much should you order?

This question depends on your product and business but generally should be based on the history of your product’s success during the holidays. Keep in mind that your packaging needs can spike up to 80% higher than your regular sales, so we recommend ordering at least 20% more than your sales expectancy so that you are covered if you overachieve, and if you don’t, you have stock for next year!

Budget Considerations

Other than planning and ensuring your custom packaging arrives in time for the holiday, it’s also worth keeping in mind the almost guaranteed higher costs for parts and labor due to demand, increased marketing expenditure, and higher shipping rates during the holiday season.

When setting aside a budget for your holiday packaging, consider the per-unit margin over the total product cost and expenses mentioned above, but don’t be disheartened!

Remember that the holidays are a busy season for businesses and consumers. Your packaging adds value to your product and can very well pay for itself!

Holiday Ideas to Get You Started

Uniquely packaged products can significantly impact your holiday sales for the better. The unboxing experience is as necessary as the product itself, so don’t be afraid to get creative for the upcoming holiday season!

Need help getting started? PakFactory is here to help with 19 Inspiring Holiday Packaging Ideas to get you in the holiday spirit. Or, if you’re ready to take the next step, contact one of our packaging specialists to start your order for custom holiday packaging.

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