Zach Broome created Vitamin Bar to bridge a gap in the market for simple and organic nutrition bars. 

“The majority of bars on the market are trash and we became so frustrated by how much the food industry scams people into thinking they’re eating something healthy and in reality, they’re not at all.” Zach Broome, founder of Vitamin Bar

He discovered that 90% of the world’s population is vitamin and/or mineral deficient and that deficiencies are closely linked to a range of physical health issues.

That’s why he created the Vitamin Bar that is packed with vitamins, organic ingredients and supplements to enhance performance and health levels. 

The simple ingredients are carefully crafted to be delicious but still a nutritious addition to your day to day snacks. 

The Challenge

Zach Broome had put a lot of thought into the vitamin bar and perfected the formula. 

He knew he needed packaging to complement  the quality of the product and reached out to PakFactory to get the process started.

He was looking for packaging that would fit seamlessly into his supply chain and make a good first impression for his customers. 

example of vitamin bar
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PakFactory’s product specialists Michelle and Giorgio worked with Zach to get a good idea of their brand and budget to bring his vision to life. 

With the artwork and branding design already in place, the main priority was to find packaging materials and structures that would protect and hold the vitamin bars as well as create a convenient packaging process in fulfillment. 

After some back and forth, and a few samples, the production process was on its way. 

However, during production, we ran into some logistics issues in the midst of unstable air freight costs and limited cargo space. 

The Solution

In an effort to bridge the gap between the unstable freight costs and Zach’s budget, Michelle and Zach worked together to figure out the best shipping routes. Ultimately, Zach decided to organize his own shipping to alleviate the issue.  

“Zach and I worked together to arrange shipment, since his order was out of his budget range to ship by Air. However, he decided to arrange shipping independently” Michelle, Product Specialist at PakFactory

Despite the small hiccup with shipping costs, Vitamin Bar’s packaging arrived in great condition and fit seamlessly into their supply chain. 

Zach also wanted the boxes to be durable enough to withstand any rough handling. 

The rigid box design was coated in a matte anti scratch lamination to ensure the artwork was protected and could withstand stocking, delivery and any other processes. 

To elevate the branding of Vitamin bar, Spot UV printing was added to the product logo to to create more depth to the design. 

The glossy finish of the spot uv on top of the matte finish of the anti scratch lamination brought the logo of Vitamin bar to the forefront for an impactful design feature. 

Example of Vitamin Bar packaging
Source: PakFactory

Foil stamping was also added to smaller elements to tie the whole design together and create variety and depth. 

After the first shipment of Vitamin Bar’s boxes arrived, Zach was thrilled with the results and fit the boxes seamlessly into his supply chain for launch. 

The Result

Since launching their new packaging, Vitamin Bar received positive feedback from their customers and have been able to gain more recognition as a brand. 

Michelle and Zach continue to work together to come up with new designs and boxes to facilitate expanding product lines of Vitamin Bar.  

“After he received the first order, we started working together on the latest order.  There were 6 artworks, and Zach needed them quickly.  So we expedited the artwork approval process, sent him proofs that required a few updates, and we went straight to production” – Michelle, Product Specialist at PakFactory

example of final packaging design
Source: PakFactory

Their second order is currently being used in their supply chain and continue to get positive feedback from new and repeat customers. 

PakFactory and Vitamin Bar keep close ties to optimize and expand Vitamin Bar’s packaging for a seamless supply chain and customer experience. 


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