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The gift-giving season is fast approaching, and with it comes an influx of customers looking to find the perfect gift for their perfect someone. But remember that the look of a box is just as important as the item it holds inside. So what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to create custom packaging designs tailored to bring a smile to someone’s face with an unforgettable unboxing experience?

Why Does Your Business Need Holiday Packaging?

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With custom holiday packaging, you differentiate your usual product offerings with something more memorable. Holiday packaging adds extra value to your product, and with so many competitors vying for the consumer’s attention, you will need all the value you can get! 

It’s becoming more challenging for a product to make a lasting impression, especially during the peak holiday season. So, to gain an edge over all the other products, experimenting and getting creative with gift packaging is the perfect way to jump out from the sea of similar products and grab the attention of prospective customers.

With that in mind, let’s get into this year’s trendy gift package ideas you can try for your holiday packaging project.

What’s Trending in Holiday Package Design?

1. Bolder, Brighter, Festive Colors

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Christmas’s classic green and red is an excellent place to start when designing your holiday packaging. Make your box exude the holiday spirit by incorporating these timeless colors into your design. Adding just a tiny dash of Christmas color can make a big difference.

Alternatively, a simple black and gold can make your box pop. Black symbolizes elegance, and gold is associated with luxury, attracting consumers’ attention.

Even using bolder, brighter colors aside from green and red is trending this coming winter. Warm colors like yellow, orange, and pink evoke happiness, and pastel colors like lilac can have an uplifting effect.

2. Creative Patterns

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To go along with your color choices, consider adding patterns and creative designs to the exterior or interior of your box. Showcase a change in your usual packaging design through seasonal patterns and designs is a great way to show customers you took extra care with your seasonal packaging.

3. Scandinavian Sweater Style

scandinavian sweater style packaging design

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Another way to fully embrace the holiday spirit is by incorporating the “Scandinavian Sweater” style into your holiday packaging. No rule states that Christmas sweater designs must be for clothing only!

Get inspired by stylish sweater patterns featuring snowflakes, pine trees, ornaments, and reindeer.

4. Rustic Simplicity

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If flashy reindeer designs and bold colors are not your liking, you can opt for organic simplicity through rustic kraft boxes. 

The rough-around-the-edges look, and natural, earthy brown colors lend well to simple additions like custom ribbons and printed tape with a hint of festive pattern. Featuring these additions on rustic packaging can make your box pop without needing a colorful package.

5. Monochrome Minimalism

black monochrome gift boxes

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Speaking of colorful packaging, on the opposite side of bold color combinations and flashy patterns, sometimes less can be more. Going for a monochrome look can make your packaging design pop differently. A simple white and black box design with your logo can make a strong statement and allow your brand’s logo to do the heavy lifting!

Experiment with elegant fonts, toned colors, and white natural cardboard to create a subtle festive mood that stands out from the many colorful holiday packaging bound to be abundant during the festive season.

6. Embossing

embossing on white rigid box

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Embossing and debossing is also a trendy option for more upscale brands. Create 3D effects on the surface of your package design that can make visual elements and brand logos pop out even more. Embossing is a fantastic way to add visual and physical depth to your package that customers will surely appreciate.

7. Foil Stamping

gold foil stamping on red sleeve

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Foil stamping is another way to make your package pop and can be combined with embossing and debossing for an increased visual effect. Consider foil stamping your brand’s name, logo, or festive symbol to add a classy flare to your box.

8. External Add-Ons

holiday rigid box with black ribbon

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External add-ons like custom ribbons, gift tags, and festive ornaments like small bells are a fantastic addition to your festive box, making your package look and feel like a special gift. 

Other external add-ons include custom packing tapes and labels that can have a similar effect as ribbons and ornaments by adding a little extra Christmas flare with festive designs and messages. Get creative with your exterior packaging design, and consider combining some of the earlier trends with your add-ons!

9. Internal Designs and Add-Ons

tissue paper with sticker for packaging

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Finally, it’s not just the exterior box that can be customized for the holiday season but also the interior. Decorating the interior of your box adds an extra “wow” factor during the unboxing experience that your customers will appreciate when giving their gift to a loved one.

Consider adding a second layer of custom tissue paper wrapping sealed with a festive custom sticker to build anticipation and add an upscaled feeling for the whole package.

Time to Get Creative

The holiday season isn’t just a time of giving. It’s a time for businesses to get creative with holiday packaging designs. The options are endless, and there is no right or wrong choice. Experiment, combine, and have fun with your gift package ideas! Your customers will appreciate the creativity and extra effort put into your box!

Need help getting started with your custom holiday packaging designs? Get in touch with one of our packaging specialists today!

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