A strong e-commerce brand is about a myriad of things:

a great product, memorable marketing, and a striking brand.

But one aspect that’s often neglected is packaging.

Your packaging is the very first thing your customers see after purchasing your products making it extremely important to make a good first impression.

If you want to up your packaging game, but you’re struggling for inspiration, it’s worth looking for expert advice from packaging design professionals.

Read on to discover 5 e-commerce brands with really great packaging that you can learn from today.


Subscription boxes are a popular niche that a variety of businesses are jumping on.

From shaving products to pet treats, customers can get their hands on virtually anything they desire in an excellent monthly package.

Birchbox is one such business that has nailed its niche.

Specializing in beauty and makeup, it offers a personalized selection of cosmetic products that are tailored to the customer’s tastes.

But what sets Birchbox apart from its competitors is its unique packaging.

example of birchbox packaging
Source: Birchbox

Each box of goodies is covered in a gorgeous design, featuring everything from floral patterns to Aztec prints.

Each month, the brand offers a specific theme for their designs, helping tie them all together and making the arrival of each box an exciting experience in itself.

And as if that wasn’t enough, every box is unique to your order — you won’t find any duplicates anywhere.

Proper packaging is about making an impression before your customers have even opened the box.

Indeed, it’s an integral part of the unboxing experience, especially for subscription boxes.

Strive for beautiful packaging wherever possible — it all goes towards a memorable experience that your customers will love.

And it’s not just nice to look at either.

Attractive packaging can become viral and encourage your customers to show some love to your brand on social media.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is an online cleaning product brand with a unique competitive edge.

It’s making waves in the industry by providing 100% ethical and sustainable soaps, detergents, and other cleaning products.

Seventh Generation’s products are entirely free from toxic chemicals, which helps both the environment and keeps us safe when we clean too — it’s a double win!

But Seventh Generation’s eco-commitments don’t end with its products.

Even its packaging is good for the planet.

The brand uses entirely recycled and plant-based materials in its packaging, refraining from adding any unnecessary chemicals in the process.

Add to that the fact that Seventh Generation’s packaging is also completely biodegradable or recyclable, and you’ve got some packaging that talks the talk and walks the walk. Nice!

We’re living in the age of climate change, and every brand has a responsibility to do their part for the planet.

Packaging generates enormous amounts of waste, but with so many eco-friendly options available today, it’s easy to do for your brand.

Remember to look beyond your actual packaging.

Inks have a significant impact on the planet, but there are plenty of organic inks available to use — you can even buy algae-based inks!


If you’re a style-conscious parent (or a baby with a taste for the finer things in life), then you’ve probably heard of Joolz.

Joolz specializes in baby strollers and accessories that are a far cry from the usual generic products on the market.

Its strollers are high-quality and multipurpose, offering storage and all-terrain transportation.

They can even convert into high chairs!

Like Seventh Generation, Joolz is also eco-conscious and sustainability-centric.

But it takes a slightly different tactic with its packaging by letting its customers create something useful out of it.

Happy children playing with transformable cardboard packaging.
Source: Joolz

All of Joolz’s packaging can be unpacked and transformed into an interactive toy.

With a little bit of cardboard origami, you can create animals, puppet theaters, hot air balloons, and even real birdhouses.

Not only does it get a second life out of what would otherwise be trash, but it’s also a great project for parents to do with their children.

And if you get tired of your cardboard snail? No problem — pop it in the recycling.

Joolz gives sustainable packaging a new meaning — and we like it.

Making your packaging recyclable is a great idea — it’s good for the planet, and your brand image.

Letting your customers have a little fun with your packaging takes its value to the next level.

While not all brands have the technological ability to create cardboard origami, you can add this sense of playfulness to your packaging too.

Packaging that you can color in or turn into a dollhouse with a few snips is achievable and will bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

Happy Socks

Socks are a common thing to sell.

Exactly how excited can you get your customers about the arrival of a new pair of socks?

For Happy Socks, that’s a challenge they’re willing to accept — and they succeeded.

Happy Socks sells colorful, patterned socks that, while they admittedly do look good, aren’t unique.

Sure, they’re lively and eye-catching, but socks are an increasingly popular fashion item that many brands now offer in a variety of styles.

But what sets Happy Socks apart is (you guessed it) its packaging.

The socks arrive in a packaging that is often brightly-colored and features unique designs, such as this multicolored camouflage print.

Source: Happy Socks

As well as injecting a little liveliness into what could easily be dull packaging, Happy Socks also diversifies its packaging.

Some are cardboard boxes like the example above, while others are delicate paper-made constructions.

But Happy Socks don’t prioritize aesthetics over function.

The boxes’ shape and size make them perfect for storage — some even have a clear window to display the socks in your drawer.

It’s a perfect blend of aesthetic and functionality.

And as a bonus, every time the customer goes to get their socks, they’re reminded of the brand, which boosts the chances of returning customers.

When it comes to socks packaging, Happy Socks is a clear winner.

In an age in which unnecessary waste is increasingly under the spotlight, functional packaging is almost a necessity.

While Joolz opts for more entertaining packaging, Happy Socks shows that even the most basic function has merit.

Look at your packaging and consider how it could be re-used in your customer’s home.

Beyond storage, you might consider using biodegradable packaging to be used in a compost bin.

Alternatively, you could even use fabric packaging that has a second life as gift wrapping — the ideas are virtually limitless.

John’s Crazy Socks

Another sock brand, but with a twist, John’s Crazy Socks has one mission: “We want to spread happiness”.

John’s Crazy Socks is a genuine bootstrapped business.

Created using the accessible Shopify store builder and launched by father-and-son duo Mark and John Cronin, it sells a range of cute, quirky, and crazy socks that, as promised, bring a smile to anyone’s face.

While John’s socks are undoubtedly unique, that’s not what earned John’s Crazy Socks, its place on this list.

It’s not even technically the packaging that got them here either.

It’s what’s inside the packaging that earns John’s Crazy Socks its accolade.

Each package is accompanied by a handwritten note from John thanking the customer for their purchase.

And as if that wasn’t enough, John and Mark also throw a bag of candy in there too.

John’s Crazy Socks’ customers love it, often sharing snaps of their package on social media — as a result, it’s great for the brand too.

You might not have the time or resources to put a handwritten note in every package

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the same customer love with your products (although admittedly not on that scale).

Select a few packages at random each month and write a thank-you note to place in each.

This shows them the care for the community and boosts your brand image.

Ramp this up by picking customers who are active on social media to increase your chances of them re-sharing your thank-you note — it’s a quick tip but increases engagement levels with your customers.

Your packaging is integral to your brand. It speaks depths about what you are like as a business.

Follow the tips above, and you’ll be well on your way to creating beautiful, memorable packaging that delights your customers time and again.


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