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Tuck With Bellow Dust Flap & Lock

Key Features:

  • Similar to the straight tuck end
  • Comprises of locks on both bottom and top
  • Double layered dust flap that reinforces the closure panel
  • Completely customizable tuck with bellow dust flap & lock product boxes and packaging
  • Shipped flat and can be assembled easily
Price on Request

All of PakFactory boxes are fully customizable in size and design

Product packaging has long been considered as one of the most powerful tools for product marketing. When it comes to quality packaging solutions that can stand the test of time and changing trends, you cannot go wrong by turning to PakFactory’s custom tuck with bellow dust flap & lock product packaging and boxes. These are typically used for food and medical supplies which remain safe and damage free in its confines.

The tuck and tongue box is quite similar to the straight and reverse tuck and has locks on the bottom as well as the top closure. The panels also include a double layered dust flap that seals both closure panels and also comes with gusset dust flaps that can do the same. The custom tuck with bellow dust flap & lock size boxes is also designed specifically to handle rough handling without disengaging. They are also easy to open and close and can withstand multiple closures without losing their sealing ability.

This style of packaging is typically assembled and filled with products manually. Plus, like the mailer lock, the custom tuck with bellow dust flap & lock retail boxes can go through a lot of abuse without disgorging products. These are available in a large range of varieties and designs here at PakFactory. Depending on your needs and budget, we offer a comprehensive range of boxes and packaging solutions for you to choose from. Regardless of the size and the type of business you have, if you’re looking for custom boxing solutions that can stand the test of time and attract target consumers, you should definitely check out our range.