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Custom 2 Pieces Boxes

Custom 2 Pieces Boxes

Clothing Boxes with Custom Cut Out


Key Features

  • Multiple cut out options for creative styling
  • Firm and durable material
  • Keeps the fabric clean and safe
  • Custom printing for branding purposes
  • Easy to open flap
Price on Request

Make Your Brand Shine

There are many industries where your product is judged based on how you portray your brand. Form the colors of your logo to the material of your boxes, customers will use every element to judge and evaluate the brand. The fashion and clothing industry falls in this category. And that is why we offer you a packaging option that is bound to impress. Our clothing boxes with custom cut outs are designed to give your customers a peek of the quality they can expect. Together, the fancy clothing boxes and your high-quality products will make for an item hard to resist.

Bespoke and Creative Cut Outs

When it comes to printed clothing boxes with cut outs, our options are limited only by your creativity. We let our customers specify the size to best fit their items and products. Furthermore, you can choose from a plethora of color options we have to suit your brand. And when it comes to printing, we promise a quality that is simply outstanding. You can further customize with our special additional features such as cut outs, perforations, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and even window patching. The cut outs are a stylish way to turn normal boxes into fancy clothing boxes to attract people with a high taste in fashion.

Exceptional Service

One of the biggest reasons Pak Factory is trusted by a wide number of clients is how we offer the highest quality in terms of our products as well as our services. That is how we deliver value beyond expectations. You can order your clothing boxes with custom cut out by simply filling out our online form, and we will get your order ready within 15 days.

For any queries or concern regarding our printed clothing boxes with cut outs, feel free to get in touch.