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Tablet / Ipad Screen Protector Packaging Hanger

Tablet / Ipad Screen Protector Packaging Hanger

Wireless Speaker Packaging Boxes

Wireless Speaker Packaging Boxes

Electronic Calculator Packaging Boxes


Key Features:

  • Made from light but durable paperboard to keep products safe from damage
  • Tuck end flaps at the top and the bottom to keep calculators from slipping out
  • Completely customizable in terms of printing colors, graphics and content
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Practical for electronics other than calculators such as earphones
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Practical and compact packaging for calculators

Calculators will never go out of use and the best ones come in packaging solutions that declare the quality standards of their manufacturers/suppliers. Pak Factory’s electronic calculator packaging boxes are just the packaging solutions you need.

Made from durable paperboard which can be customized with matte or glossy finish, these boxes are perfect for calculators which require extra appeal on crowded shelves. They can also be designed according to the dimensions of your particular calculators and remain stackable at the same time.

Built for Success

At Pak Factory we ensure that each our boxes along with our customized electronic calculator packaging boxes pass through industry leading techniques before being shipped. Each comes with a tuck end flaps on the top and the bottom that can keep your calculators safe from damage or tampering. Like all of our packaging solutions, we ship these ones flat as well but they can be assembled very quickly by hand and by machines.

Besides a durable design, we also offer a range of finishes such as matte, gloss, AQ coating to name just a few. Everything is completely customizable and this includes design, dimensions and even sizes. If you are unsure which ones you should get or need advice regarding the boxes we are here to help.

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