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Ignition Leads Set Packaging Boxes


Key Features

  • Double wall tuck front to keep ignition leads sealed
  • Non glued lid and tray
  • Side panels act as both the foot and lock portion of the box.
  • Made from durable paperboard that can accommodate heavy products without getting damaged.
  • Suitable for a variety of electronics such as cables, leads, extension cords, etc
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Convenient and Durable Design

Ignition leads can get irreparably damaged if the packaging they are in cannot accommodate their weight and length. That is not an issue in Pak Factory’s ignition leads set packaging boxes. Made from heavy duty paperboard, the packaging solution boasts side panels that act as both the foot and the lock portion of the box to ensure the leads remain sealed inside on shelves and in transit.

Pak Factory’s ignition leads set packaging boxing solutions feature a double tuck wall front which comes complete with a non glued tray and lid. The sealing capacity of this packaging makes it quite ideal for other electronics besides ignition leads such as cables, leads, extension cords, or other products that are heavy.

Customize according to Brand

When we say our packaging is completely customizable, we mean it. Our ignition leads set packaging can be made as impactful as you want them with a number of design options. This includes adding special cut outs to allow buyers a tantalizing peak at products, matte/gloss embossing to make your boxes shine on crowded shelves and CYMK printing that can make product specs pop on the boxes.

Get your ignition lead specs printed on one or both sides of our ignition leads set packaging boxing solutions with ease. If you want to see what the boxes will look like before placing an order with us we can send over a sample complete with your design preferences.

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