Outdoor Wall Lantern Packaging Boxes

Key Features

  • Assemble effortlessly
  • Print product details on four sides
  • Customized package to allow opening and closing
  • Durable material used to hold the weight of the wall lantern
Price on Request

Bring Light into Your Customer’s Life in a New Way

The appearance of a product’s package matters a great deal, especially to customers. The first thing they notice about the product is its packaging. If the packaging fails to captivate them, they will likely forgo purchasing it. To prevent that from happening, you can change the existing packaging of your wall lantern, and Pak Factory can provide you with the tools to do just that.

Our customers can design the outdoor wall lantern packaging box by choosing the coating, width, length, depth, color, stock, and PMS color. If they want to select additional processes, they can choose from foil stamping, debossing, window patching, and more. Once we receive your order, we will start creating your unique and personalized outdoor wall lantern boxes.

The Finished Product Will Meet Your Customer’s Expectations

Since lanterns are typically heavy in nature, we have made sure our outdoor wall lantern packaging boxes can withstand the weight. You will not have a difficult time assembling all the boxes either, as all the flaps will fit with one another effortlessly to make a box. We can provide you with a quote and a free sample. If you want us to further customize the outdoor wall lantern boxes, you can leave us a message or get in touch with via phone. We also offer a live chat feature on our site.

Choose Our Packaging Box to Display Your Outdoor Wall Lantern

If you are looking for affordability and quality, know that we can offer you both. Place your order for outdoor wall lantern packaging boxes right now and give your customers something new to take home.