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Screen Protector Packaging Boxes

Screen Protector Packaging Boxes

White Marketing Kit Box with Insert

White Marketing Kit Box with Insert

School Kit Box


Key Features

  • Complete customization available for print and design to enhance brand recognition or brand visibility
  • Cost effective and durable solutions for your packaging needs
  • Available in all standard sizes. You can always order custom sizes and prints from us
  • Durable construction featuring a tuck end closure
  • Can be shipped anywhere with convenience
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The Best Corrugated Boxes Available on the Market

Our school kit box is widely recognized as one of the most versatile and popular boxes that are used extensively because of their durable construction and versatile application.

At Pak Factory, we offer you the most comprehensive range of boxes you can find. We are one of the leading box suppliers that strive to offer quality, functionality and cost effectiveness in a single package. Our boxes are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions, to cater to the varying demands of our clients.

School Kit Box available in different styles and designs

With quick assembly and reusability, our boxes are just what you need for your products. Pak Factory offers complete customization. This does not only include the size of the box, but the design and color as well, designed in accordance with your brand personality.

Like all of our packaging solutions, our products are shipped flat to ensure our clients don’t have to pay a large shipping fee. Assembling them is quite easy as well. We use cutting edge technology and premium materials in the manufacturing of our boxes so that it remains in perfect shape while they are being shipped and transported.

So if you are ready to take your printed corrugated box packaging to a new level and attract more customers, contact us today.