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Printed Mailer

Printed Mailer

Printed Kraft Tuck Top

Printed Kraft Tuck Top

Standard Mailers


Key Features

  • Solid durable box for safe shipping and delivery of a variety of items
  • Rectangular box structural design with wide depth for capacity, to accommodate a varied set of items within
  • Ideal for mail packaging of items
  • Box can be sealed to ensure confidentiality
  • High grade cardboard used to ensure protection against damp and moisture
Price on Request

Custom Print Design for Standard Mailers

If you want your mailers to bear the company logo and design, then place an order with PakFactory to get a customized package which will become part of your company’s packaging merchandise!

These boxes are not only available in a custom print variety but are also available in custom sizes and dimensions so that you can ask for a box that you exactly need.

If you need to send a lot of company mailing packages, why not customize it with a unique style, size dimension, and design, which will make it an ideal part of your marketing efforts! Opt for an additional process and you can add custom style to your box.

Ideal Packaging for Corporate and Personal Packages

These mailers have been designed with high-quality cardboard and cut into mailer box structures with fold-able flaps for easy packaging. The flaps have been made to slide into place and completely secure the contents of the package. Proper sealing of the box will ensure the safety and security of all contents within the box.

These boxes can be ideally used for both personal and corporate mailing needs. Having space to accommodate a variety of contents, you can get a company message or logo in print, and even have a personal design make your mailer boxes unique!

High Grade Durable Cardboard Box Quality

These custom mailer boxes have high quality durable and sturdy boxes, which have a definite strong structure, which is not easily spoiled by damp and moisture. You can be sure of a safe delivery, as the box has a thick cardboard frame with secure flaps which hold the items in place, and prevent any major damage through regular shipment and mailing procedures.

If you want custom mailer boxes, then Pak Factory has a variety of options to offer to suit your needs, at an affordable price! Place your order now.