PakFactory’s mission is to make obtaining packaging simple and seamless for businesses of any size. 

With the help of Pacdora, the design process is now easy, time efficient and fun! 

Pacdora has engineered a simple interface that allows businesses to generate custom dielines and 3D mockups from within a browser. 

Real Time 3D Previews and Mockups

Avoid the endless back and forth of digital previews and get real time 3D mockups that you can generate yourself. 

Pacdora displays your design with a real-time 3D preview, giving businesses the opportunity to visualize artwork and structural designs based on required dimensions. 

Mockups can be easily generated with one click, so you can share realistic renderings with your team, colleagues and PakFactory when you’re ready for your sample or production orders. 

Accurate dielines are automatically created based on the dimensions you enter with industry standard precision for large scale printing and manufacturing.

Source: Pacdora

Save Time on the Design Process

This simple, yet effective tool, allows businesses to save up to 80% of time on the design process for their packaging without sacrificing quality. 

76% of Pacdora users acknowledge their time spent on packaging design was drastically reduced thanks to this innovative tool. 

The templates and user friendly interface makes the design process easy, convenient and, let’s face it, more fun. 

Pacdora offers a large range of packaging models and design templates that are popular industry standards to save you time on creating custom dielines from scratch. 

Source: Pacdora

Simply adjust the dimensions based on your product size, and voila, a 3D rendering is ready for your artwork design to be placed. 

How Pacdora Works

Pacdora is a free tool for businesses to use. 

However, they also provide businesses with the opportunity to enter a membership program that allows access to a range of other capabilities. 

Pacdora free provides hundreds of packaging models and design templates to choose from, while Pacdora Pro levels up this offering with 4k renderings and dieline exports for only $29 a month.

4k renderings and dieline exports gives businesses more opportunity in customizing and visualizing their finished products. 

Dieline exports allow you to create unique dielines from scratch and share accurate visualizations of your packaging design with your team and packaging company.

Uploading your artwork files to the Pacdora tool allows you to position, place and tweak your artwork design according to your 3D model. 

This tool supports most popular file formats including: 

  • PDF
  • AI
  • DXF

All in all, Pacdora makes the packaging design process more convenient, affordable and time efficient for businesses of all sizes. 

PakFactory is proud to be working collaboratively with Pacdora to bring businesses a seamless experience from concept to production. 

Contact us today for more information and get started on your own personalized packaging solutions.


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