Whether you’re a business or an individual, chances are you have a few cardboard boxes laying around. 

You may use some of them for storage and organization, but for the most part, they probably end up in the recycling bin.

There are actually plenty of creative and useful ways to reuse cardboard boxes at home or at your office! 

  1. Planters

DIY planters are a great way to not only reuse cardboard but plastic bags too! 

Simply line your cardboard box with a plastic bag and poke a few drainage holes into the bottom. 

Add your soil and plant away! 

Decorate your planter with some embellishments to the exterior of the box and add a little greenery to your office or home. 

  1. Coasters

You aren’t limited to reusing boring brown cardboard boxes. 

Use branded beverage boxes to create matching coasters!

Coasters are one of those things that everyone needs, but not everyone justifies buying. 

example of coaster cardboard box
Source: PakFactory

Use the Corona carriers from your office parties and create coasters for an easy clean-up at the next one. 

  1. Cable Holder

Keep small cables on your desk organized by simply grabbing any shoebox-sized cardboard box. 

Cut 1  slot along 1 side of the box to feed an extension cord into.

Cut several smaller slots along the next side of the box and feed any small cables through for easy grabbing. 

Alternatively, if you have a few extra cardboard toilet paper rolls laying around, fit them vertically into the box and use the slots to keep cables from tangling when stored. 

  1. Furniture Sliders

Are you the kind of person who frequently just changes the layout of their homes because they feel like it? 

Try using scrap cardboard boxes to create furniture sliders to easily move your desk around at the office or your entire living room! 

The smooth surface easily slides across a range of floor types and doubles as a great edge protector when moving.  

  1. Stationary

Create rustic stationary pieces to create stationary to help keep you desk organized. 

Cut cardboard boxes diagonally across the sides to easily store magazines, paperwork or pens, and pencils. 

example of stationary corrugated box
Source: PakFactory

  1. Drawer Dividers

Keep pens and hard drives or undergarments organized using some spare cardboard.  

Measure the interior of your drawer and get a sense of what you want to fit where. 

Cut out strips to the lengths, widths, and heights previously measured and simply slide them into the drawer to keep all your belongings from getting mixed up.  

These 6 ways to reuse cardboard were just a handful of ideas to spice up your space!  

Some businesses may even consider incorporating some easily reusable elements into their packaging designs to encourage reuse. 

Contact us today and start incorporating smarter solutions to reuse your cardboard boxes and reduce waste! 


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